Oh…the elite.

Here’s what I think about this article.  It’s kind of  offensive.

The slowest Generation: Younger Athletes are Racing with Less Concern About Time

Let me start by saying…I’m NOT the younger generation. I get that’s what the article is talking about but I’m still going to make my point because I was offended on behalf of the average runner.  I’m slow and I don’t freaking care. Also, running is important to me. Even when I’m slumping.  Even when I feel horrible.  Even when life takes over. My stats are the least important thing to me.  Getting out the door…the most.

According to the CDC, more than 35.7% of U.S. adults are obese leading to heart disease, stroke, type 2 Diabetes, and certain types of cancer.  The health care costs due to obesity are astronomical, $147 billion in 2008! source

More people are running.  Some of us aren’t fast. Get over yourself.


Here’s what I do know.  I know plenty of runners who are running with what is clearly the most important thing…heart.  Their incredible heart is what is getting them out the door and over the finish lines.  Sometimes for a first marathon, sometimes for a PR and sometimes for a BQ.  But what was most important was they put their heart and soul into the effort.  Sometimes it was all about time.  And sometimes it was just about getting it done.


Be proud of yourself.


Listening to the voice in your head telling you how slow you are is no way to treat yourself.  This is the time to be confident and strong.  Focus on your successes.

*Are you going farther?

*Are you beating that hill that used to kick your ass?

*Are you completing a run without having to stop and walk?

* Are you finishing the Couch to 5k?

* Do you have a goal race in your future to look forward to?

*Have you lost weight and now that you are lighter…you are feeling stronger and an overall better runner?

Congratulations to you!!  Great job.

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I may have shared this story before, but … it’s so special to me…I’m sharing it again. *sarcasm alert*

Alex,  commenting  on my speed,

“You run a ten minute mile?”

“Yes…why?”, I ask.

“That’s…really slow”

“yes”….I say to the boy who can run a six minute mile.  “But I can run 26 of them”.

Now…truth be told…I’m even slower than that for a marathon though I’ve never ever pushed myself to see if I can do it.  I just….do it.  Listen to my book and cruise along.  But I know for damn sure he can’t sustain 26 miles at his pace.  So

yeah.  There’s that.


Be proud.

Run on, run strong, run whatever speed you can.  But have a great time.