So…yoga happened today.

Yep.  I went to yoga.

Here’s my history with yoga.

Last year a Groupon for Corepower Yoga came through my email.  It was a screamin’ deal so I grabbed it.

I attended a few times and loved the benefits…but here’s the problem…

I’m a little…ADHD.

I have no patience for lasting a whole hour in yoga.  Each time I went,  my system would last about 30 minutes and my brain would say…yep.  I’m done.  I’d look at my watch and it would be 30 minutes.  Just like clockwork.  After about a half a dozen times of this, I was done.  I just can’t do it.  So bored.  Definitely not zen.

Now it’s been probably a year at least and my body is hollering at me for some cross training.  I thought I’d give it another shot.


Note:  This is not me.  I’m so not this cute.  Nor do I do yoga this well.  And hello…my IT Band is mad just looking at this.

My leg now hurts like a son of a gun (IT Band…remember?) but I think in the long run…it really appreciated the stretch.

I had a great time.  The teacher was awesome and I can’t wait to go back.  I talked to the instructor about my need to possibly leave in the middle (sometimes my head just protests SO much) and she said it was no problem.  This time around was a much better experience.

I’ll keep you posted.

Cross training.  It does a body good.