Sweet List <3


Pumpkin Cheese Cake Muffins. I am craving the fall flavors!

Sweetness … (^^Pumpkin cheese cake muffins *sigh*)

1.  Yoga.  Although my leg is sore.  I just keep telling myself how good for me it is.  😉

2.  Grocery shopping.  Taking the time to actually write a list, complete a menu and go to the grocery store.  My family doesn’t know what happened…there’s food in the house.

3.  Sean cleaned the bathroom today, finished the laundry and folded the towels.  Either he’s being super helpful or I’m being  a super slacker.  I’m feeling like it’s a little of both.  ::sheepishgrin::

4.  Pumpkin.  In muffins, tea, donuts, cake…I freaking love pumpkin and not just at this time of year.  It’s just so easy to find right now.

5.  Watching Eliot wrestle with Sean and MT. Good Lord that was cute.

6.  I found another race to complete the entire 13.  Hopefully they all come through.  🙂

7.  Fall is here.  Sweater weather and jeans and boots.

8.  Though I am well known for not being a football fan…today I was grateful to hear the Broncos sent Michael Vick home properly…

9.  Scentsy Fragrance.  I need a few more because they smell SO good and I want the whole house to smell like cookies.

10.  Being prepared for morning.  List made.  Dishes done.  Clothes laid out.  I can sleep now.

11.  Black Bean & Quinoa Soup.  I know I know.  Didn’t I just say I don’t like Quinoa?  I’m trying it again.  And this soup sounds delicious.  I’m adding sweet potatoes.  Because I love them.

12.  Talking to Alex Michael this week.  The absentee one.

13.  Grilled cheese sandwiches.  I’m really craving one.  Like…really.  A grown up grilled cheese.