a post about Alex. and running.

So..Alex Michael doesn’t read the blog. I’m not even sure he remembers there is one.  He IS 23 for heavens sake.  And deployed.  So…a lot on his mind.  I don’t hold it against him at all.

But tonight was all about Alex night.


Years ago when I would run and needed a bodyguard (it’s that…running at night thing…see Mom?  I’m careful) I would take Alex with me.  This was pre-6 minute mile Marine Corp days and Mid-8 minute mile average runner days.  He would slow down for me. 😉

We would run the Walgreens Run.

Do you name your runs?

I name mine.

The gas station. (4 miles one way)

The Buckley Run. (5 miles round trip)

The Walgreens. (4.5 miles)

The Starbucks. (12.7)

Each one  has a distance I have memorized over the years.

The Walgreens is a horrible little run.  Horrible.  It has the WORST hills that never seem to end and with my breathing…no matter what kind of shape I’m in…I just wheeze and stop to breathe. So demoralizing.  Especially when you’re running with Superteen.  But it’s so pretty.

Alex was always really awesome about it though and slowed and stopped whenever I did.

We had to take a few weeks off for a while once and when he came back we headed out for our run and I blew the run away.  At the top of the worst hill he stopped and looked at me in shock and said,

“SOMEONE has been running!”.

It was pretty funny.  Yep.  I’d been working on that hill.

Well Alex…tonight…I killed that hill.  And I thought of you the whole time.  I missed your sweet face.  I missed your excited voice being so happy for me.  I just missed you.  It almost makes me forgive you for that slow comment.  LOL  Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Right?

My Garmin was off for the first half mile of my run but my stats were pretty decent.  I think a week off was good for me.


My current favorite running song…it’s not exactly a happy song but I am addicted to it.  Not a surprise.  I loved “We are Young”, too.  I must just love their whole sound.


Alex Michael and my new running partner, MT.  When he has the energy.  He does a lot and and is way busy.  Can’t fault him there…


Damn kids keep moving out.