Penny for your thoughts?

I love pennies.  

There is something so promising about them to me.  Like…I’ve got MONEY but also luck and something shiny and pretty!

I have them in jars. In drawers.  In bowls. In purses.  And occasionally shoes.

I never ever ever leave one on the street.  OHMYGOSH I can’t imagine. I don’t care if it’s tails up or heads up.  There cannot be anything to the “bad luck” myth.

Though I did watch a movie once where the girl would flip the unlucky penny she found over to heads…leaving it for someone else to find luck.

I thought that was pretty sweet.

How could I leave such a sweet little sparkle of treasure just sitting there?  It’s like someone dropped it, knowing I’d be there…running by.  I must have it.

And yet everyone seems so grouchy about the penny.  They gather dust in your wallet and you never use them.  They cost too much to produce and most people find them useless.

I really think it’s  just misunderstood.

The U.S. Mint created 4.3 billion pennies in 2011.

There have been two bills  introduced to legislation in an effort to kill the penny.  The bills never even made it to the floor. Why?

Because everyone loves the penny. It’s Iconic.

penny candy

penny loafers

girls named Penny 😉

Hello…people have thousands on their floors

It costs the country an estimated $100 million each year to produce the penny.  The cost of manufacturing it fluctuates with the costs of its components…zinc and copper.


I’ve never found anything more than a quarter.  The occasional nickels and dimes.

I have friends that come back from runs and proudly proclaim they found $20 bills.

I’ve never found a $1 bill.

My Italy fund is growing veeeerrrryyy slllooowwwly.


One time, on my regular route, I ran past a newly paved section of road and found what had to be $1.50 in change…embedded in the new pavement.

I had to change my route.


I love them.  I will always get a little leap of happiness when I find one and my runs that produce a pennyfind are always extra joyful.


I don’t usually do questions but I’m kind of curious…

1.  what’s the most money you ever found on a run/walk?

2.  Do you pick up pennies?