The yoga that wasn’t.

I dressed…I drove…I wouldn’t pay.

Yep.  I’m cheap.

But I’m not easy.

Remember that.

So many headlines!  I had such a hard time deciding… 😉

My local yoga joint has these awesome yoga classes that are only $12.  Tonight’s was not one of those.  It was a $20 class and I just felt too cheap to pay it.  What if I left after 30 minutes?  $20 for 30 minutes?  So not worth it.

Note to self:  Look more carefully at the schedule.

So…Sean bought me cake.  I was craving it and he loves me.  That is a good man right there.  And definitely a substitute workout for yoga…eating cake. 😉


In other news: 

I am practically the only person in my running group NOT training for a fall marathon.

I feel a serious slacker mentality overwhelming me.

What the hell?

And yet, I’m so relieved to not be running twenty mile training runs right now.

Somehow…I want both worlds.

Or I feel like I should be working on both worlds?  It’ll pass…in a month or two when the last person finishes her marathon.

Then spring marathons start.


No way I’m doing one of those.  Spring marathons are freaking HOT.

Hm..Except I was seriously considering that Kansas one…Damn


Run on, People.  And run what makes you happy.