Justice Run 10k

Shaughnessy and I did the Justice Run 10k to bring awareness to Human Trafficking this morning.

Temps were around 40*~

Sun was glorious~

Fall leaves were brilliant with color~


People were excited to be there supporting an incredibly important cause~

Kids were everywhere for the 1 mile which meant serious cuteness was everywhere. Running and playing and jackets that clearly belonged to moms and hats that were monkeys and kids in running bibs and announcers shouting, “congratulations you did GREAT!  Didn’t you already come across?  Come across again!  You did it so awesome the first time!! and smile for the camera!”, it was all around and it was good.   <<longestrunonsentenceintheworld<<

There was pizza~

Really really nice morning.



Miss Molly  from Mollydots  Baubles and Bling took her family to Disney (seriously what’s the big deal she lives in Florida about 12 minutes from Mickeyland) and won the MotheroftheYear Award!

There was disappointment among the crowd as some people thought perhaps the results were FIXED (um…her kid gave it to her) but nevertheless we are HAPPY for Molly as always and congratulate her on this obviously completely unbiased award. *this update brought to you by Sarcasm International.  A totally legitimate company or it should be one.*


Now…I MAY go for a run with Reggie tonight as she is long LONG overdue.  OR…I may go to yoga as I am LONG overdue.  We’ll have to see.  I know Ya’ll are waiting with anticipation for the next installment!

Have a great day and…run on.  But not with your sentences.