Sweet List…delayed. <3

1.  Cake.  Sean bought me a cake and MT and I … well….we ate it.  No shame. It was delicious.

2.  Breakfast on Saturday with Miss Andrea!  I miss her cute face.

3.  I’m going to add onto #2 by saying I FINALLY got her birthday and half of her Christmas presents OUT of the house.  The rest of it will wait for this year.

4.  I bought a darling sweater from Kohls and wore it OUT.  I love it so much.  SO much.  Pretty sure it wore out it’s welcome to the world…everyone but me.  Sorry Folks.  Get used to it.  When I find it’s sisters and brothers…I’m buyin’ those, too.

On that note:  I need to go shopping for boots.  There are so many kinds and I don’t know what style to prioritize!

5.  Miss Tess, who popped over here from Hungry Runner Girl has been visiting and she is SO nice and apparently as nuts as I am.  It’s…well…a little refreshing to know I’m not the only one.  Sad, too, though.  No one should suffer from these damn migraines.  ::waves to Tess:: (edited this to say…she was visiting HRG and decided to visit us too)

6.  Miss Reggie came back from her long long long trip out of town!   I do NOT know what I’ll do when she goes to Thailand for a year.  *sadness*

*****we interrupt this sweet list to tell you I brought home Gummi Bears and MT wanted some…and…well…*****

I told him they were for me to take to work.  While he was gone to his class tonight…I ate Goldfish and then…yes…needed something sweet to balance it.  Shut up.  I do too eat a balanced diet.  Didn’t I just say I needed the Gummi’s to balance it?  Clearly you don’t listen.  So I opened them and ate a few.  Or ten.  He caught me.  And looked at me.  And said…”You have NO SELF CONTROL”
This is an outright lie.  If I had no self control I would have told him long ago how obnoxious he is.  😉

*****Back to your regularly scheduled sweet list…already in progress*****

7.  I did my grocery shopping early…before the commissary was closed for the government shutdown (sadness) and I planned a menu and I’ve stuck to it the whole freaking time!  God help me.  My husband is probably wondering who this woman is he’s coming home to every night.  And what is this thing called…food in front of him.

8.  Finding new music to run to and love.  A little Fun, a little Lumineers and a little Pink Floyd.  Montana and I enjoy mixing it up I think.  I’m going to start raiding his Ipod.  I imagine Sean’s is incredible.

9.  Several MAJOR roads have reopened finally in Colorado.  HUGE for these towns.  Congratulations to them and continue the recovery for sure!

10.  Reading Olive to Run and she mentioned getting a notebook to keep ideas for blog posts.  This isn’t really rocket science…I am a freakish list maker but I LOVE new notebooks!  Any new excuse to buy one.  School supply day is awesome and don’t even get me started on when I need something from Office Max.  So…I bought a new notebook to jot ideas down.  I will absolutely guarantee it won’t stick.  I’ll move on and just keep doing it in my head but… until then…it’s a great little notebook and it was $1.99.

11.   Sunday breakfast out.  I was telling MT it’s one of my favorite little traditions.

12. I ran.  I yoga’d.  I felt good.  My IT band didn’t but we aren’t thinking about that.

13. Coconut Oil.  Did I use this already on last weeks sweet list?  Because I use it on my face before my moisturizer and holy cow it’s awesome.  It’s SO good.  If I can figure out how to incorporate it more into my diet I’m in business. It’s so good.  And I always smell delicious.  😉

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  1. School supplies are cool especially when they’re brand new. Lurve the fancy color sharpies they have out now. Coconut oil rocks and All Hail! a “Balanced Diet” Thanks for your sweet, kind and nutty words…..sisterhood!!!

  2. At Christmas, my husband stuffs my stocking with office supplies. I *might* be addicted. 😉 LOVE it. I’m feeling the need right now frankly. And I desperately need new white board markers… Hm. Maybe a trip to the store is in order. Thanks for the reminder!

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