Some days are more of a challenge

This day…yep.  It was a challenge.

It didn’t start out that way but fairly early on in the day I was presented with a situation that I could absolutely handle but apparently my friend thought I couldn’t.  It was fairly embarrassing and a really really rough way to start out what proved to challenge the rest of my day.

I could have acted as hurt as I was.  I could have been offended and hurt and not talked to her for the rest of the day.  Truthfully…I was offended and hurt.  And it did affect me.  But I chose to handle it differently.

I thanked her for helping me and apologized if she had misunderstood me.  She was still unhappy, but I was better because I had not handled it with drama. I had handled it the way I would want my kids to and the way I think people should learn to.  With some diplomacy.

Choose your battles.

Instead…I ran with Regina and I ran off the stress.  Tomorrow?  A new day!  Love those new starts every single morning.  It’s like a clean slate just asking for a good outcome.

Run on and run your stress off.