When in doubt…look at the sunrise

Colorado’s sunrise in particular is spectacular. Spectacular. 

After waking up with this, my day was destined to be good.


I headed over to iTunes to pick up some music and hesitated at Miley’s new sounds.


Um…no.  The lyrics scared me straight. And if they didn’t…the image of her naked riding a wrecking ball did.  Random.  Love the sound.  Thanks though.  I’ll stick with what I have.  I understand it.  I just don’t like it.  I’m not old.  I just choose different.  Thanks anyway Miley.  ::shaking head::



There was a tricky little issue of a migraine.  Like…a freakin’ #9 on the scale.  All.day.long.  Nothing I took for it seemed to help.  It’s been a rough day migraine-wise.

Other than that, it was a great day.  Beautiful outside, everyone happy and I got a ton of work done.  Go figure.

It was a Phoebe kind of day…

Phoebe running .gif

with a migraine tacked on…

Reggie and I ran 4.5 miles and I did another 1.5 on the treadmill to round it out to 6.  Now…showering and going to bed.  This was a great day.  Ignoring my head~ I got to run, see a friend, laundry, dishes, spending time with Sean (not nearly enough) and Miss Reggie brought me a present.  Life is good.


Run on and run happy (Thank you Brooks Running)


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  1. Thanks! Oh man, when they reach those levels you just want to crawl in bed, right? But I get them like that fairly often so I have to power through or I would live in bed. Best to push on and maybe I’ll hit magic.
    Yesterday…no magic. Eh. Maybe next time! 🙂 Have a great day!

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