The positive and the negative +/-

I start most of my days by grabbing a few blogs for a quick read and I spend my running and driving listening to podcasts and audiobooks.  I’m particular about what I listen to.  But I’ll read anything.

I found myself listening to a Jillian Michaels’ podcast the other day on a friends recommendation.  My favorite podcasts are things like…”This American Life” and “Radiolab” so Jillian Michaels is a bit of a stretch.  I’ll give it a try.  What the hell.  I listen a few times and it’s not bad.  It’s not…great.

This particular episode she discussed the last year.  It was particularly difficult for her.  It was  a year of people taking advantage of her, her losing out financially for decisions her lawyer should never have made.  It’s a tough podcast to listen to.  You never want to hear about people suffering ~their trials and struggles.

The toughest part for me, and I say this with  the caveat that I am not perfect and have used this verbiage myself though I hope not often, is that her podcast was rife with the words like hate and stupid.  Incredibly negative ugly words and as I listened I was overcome and actually could not listen anymore.

One of the things I noticed about Jillian is she is really honest.  She doesn’t dress anything up.  The downside of course, would be when things go really bad, the ugliness is right there.  Her positive attitude is overtaken by the negative and even when you know they are just words, it covers you like a blanket and you can feel the darkness bring you deeper until you just need some light  any light and you turn it off.  Hopefully.

I took it as a lesson to speak in the light.  We know in our hearts to do it, but sometimes it takes a conscious act to make sure it happens.  Write in the light.  Generally as a rule be a positive person.  You will feel it and spread it to the people around you.

*this does not always work and my husband I’m sure as he is reading this is shaking his head.

Positive Quotes

I didn’t run today.  My head hurts and I spent the day … recovering.  Tomorrow I may run twice.  It’s just that needed.

Run on People.  And run in the light.  *unless you’re a nighttime runner in which case…wear blinkies.  Be safe. And for heaven’s sake…carry pepper spray.