Sweet List <3 and a list within a list.


So…my sweet list disappeared.  Sweetness void.  Sadness.  Posting again…

1.  Pumpkin muffins.  Made them this morning.  Ate three.  Nope.  Not kidding.

2.  Ran most days this week…I would tell you the count but I’d have to get up.  I’m too lazy for that.  Hopefully I can grab the treadmill tonight and finish the week strong.

3.  Nails done and running with Reggie.  yep.  Doubled up a bit there on #2 and #3.  Deal with it.

4.  Sean is emptying the dishwasher.  This is not unusual but it is sweet and should be on the list every week.  It’s a favorite.

5.  My work has let me empty a ton of ridiculously old junk from our storage closet to make room for … well…. life.  Normal everyday items.  It will be so good to organize properly.  I already feel better.  I’ll probably sleep better.

6.  I got my hair cut and colored.  I feel so much better!  It’s a little dark…I’m adjusting.  Sometimes after a haircut I need therapy.  Sometimes BEFORE a haircut I need therapy.  It’s possible it has nothing to do with my hair.

7.  Planning a road trip home to MT and I’m excited.  I love them and I love driving.  It’ll be good.  And Mom said we could get a cupcake.

8.  I bought a new sports bra.  I know I know.  Silly.  But I really needed one and I found it at Target for supercheap.  Those are the best kind.  Cute and supercheap.

9.  I have been five days candy free.  Not on purpose but I’m sure it’s good for me.  I have the candy at my work in my cupboard but I’m just not hungry for it.  I figure I’ll take it while I can.

10.  On that note:  5 days of no candy and running constantly…pretty sure I gained weight.  What the hell?  My jeans are definitely not feeling good and I am OVER that.

Wait.  #10 is not so sweet.  Huh.  Okay.  do-over.

10.  Modern Family.  I just found it.  I find it quite enjoyable.  Also… my secret is out.  I don’t watch prime time.  I’m a cable watcher.

11.  There are these really awesome pens from the Tattered Cover which is an independent bookstore here in Denver and I love these pens.  I mean, seriously love them.  I may go back to the tattered cover, buy a few Christmas gifts and get a few pens.  Because I love them.  You know, that’s a great idea.  I’m totally doing that.

12.  Fall.  List every single thing you love about fall.  That is all.

Okay…I have to list them. I love fall so much.  It’s my favorite favorite season.

  •  leaves
  • cool crisp air
  • trees turning the most beautiful colors.  This is totally different than the first one. Whatever.
  • My favorite flavor becomes available everywhere.  Like…everyfreakingwhere.
  • pumpkinblizzards.  This is totally not related to the previous line. Whatever.
  • Holidays.
  • Thanksgiving! This is totally not….*sigh* you get the idea.   I love Thanksgiving by the way.
  • Candy everywhere.  Seriously.
  • Soup.
  • sweaters and boots
  • Cute hats and jackets!
  • Christmas shopping!  Okay…I admit.  That one can be stressful.  But just plan ahead.  It’ll be worth it.

13.  Texting with Alex Michael, he made me smile.  Always lucky.


2 Replies to “Sweet List <3 and a list within a list.”

  1. Thanksgiving is my top favorite Fall Love!!! Family, friends, football, Turkey Trots, sharing time with each other with out the distractions of parties and gifts!!!! However, I DO LOVE those things too!!!!!!

  2. You are SO right! I love ALL those things! Okay. I just lied. I don’t really love football. But I love how everyone else does! And the Broncos are doing well so…I’ll go with it! I love it all! It’s so fun this time of year and you don’t have to buy presents you just get to eat delicious foods and enjoy the season. It’s makes me incredibly happy.

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