I was absent…but now I’m back

I’m so sorry for my long absence.  Okay…it was only a few days.  I just do not love leaving the same post on for days at a time.  This time though…my head protested wildly and took over.  There was no way I was writing anything.


I actually posted this last night but when I hit “publish” it must not have taken as it still didn’t publish. Then I woke up this morning with a migraine so bad we just pretty much went straight to the doctor for shots.  That never happens and I’m not sure what’s up but I’ll make an appt to talk to him later.  Meanwhile…sorry to be a flake with the blog. I’m not usually this bad.  I should be back normally tomorrow.


Let’s talk Coconut Oil.

I bought some.

I put it on my face.

I love it.

I use it on my nails and hands.

I love it.

I haven’t used it in my hair yet but I’ve heard such good things about it, I have put it on my list.

The most popular use for it…is to eat it.  Yep.  Just eat those two tablespoons right now.  Once a day like a vitamin.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen coconut oil but it looks like Crisco so…yeah.  There’s that.

I’ve had it a few weeks and last night I finally decided to go there.

I drank the fat.



No, I’ll never do it again.  It’s too bad, too.  Because it’s so darn good for me. I’ll drink more vegetables, how about that?


Reggie and I were supposed to run today but it’s like 30* outside and I’m actually not exaggerating.  I’d normally run anyway but with my head being so bad yesterday I opted out of our run and decided to stay in and stay warm.  Tomorrow we run.  Friday we run.  Sunday we race.

Girl is nervous!  She’ll be fine.  I’m not worried at all. I’m pretty confident I’ll continue to slow her down.  As I always do.

Try not to stress about those upcoming races.  Too much pressure can really suck the joy out of the experience.  When you just relax and enjoy it you’d be amazed at what your body can do.  When you stress your body can have some really rough adverse reactions that can even lead to injury just weeks and days leading up to the race.  Trust your training.  Have faith in your own hard work.  You’ll be great and really….what more can you do at this point?

Run on and eat something delicious.






4 Replies to “I was absent…but now I’m back”

  1. WOW!!! I hate that migraine word!! You’ll do fantastic in the race after having a migraine like that it should be a piece of cake…..like chocolate or red velvet!!!

  2. Just a suggestion, but I like to put my two scoops of coconut oil in a smoothie. It taste much better mixed up that way. You’re still drinking the fat, but its less noticeable.

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