So…remember that whole…I HAD a migraine?

Yeah.  Apparently life wasn’t finished with me.

If we recall…I didn’t run Tuesday because I was beat tired and nervous of the cold.  I love running in the cold but with the migraine I didn’t want to chance it.  The cold is a horrible little trigger.

Wednesday morning I woke up with an unbelievable very unusual freaking twelve on the scale migraine. I seldom wake up with them that bad.

I thought I was dying.

I was seeing stars. Going to work wasn’t really realistic so I gave that up pretty quickly.  After throwing up several places throughout the house, Sean came home from work and took me to my doctor’s office where the world’s most fabulous nurse practitioner took amazing care of me.

She was  fast and efficient.  I got shots for the pain and anti nausea, good narcotics and a scrip for more. 

I left with a Daffy Duck bandaid on my bottom.  Life is good.

cartoon (1868) Animated Gif on Giphysource

I spent the whole day sleeping, used the scrip meds at night for more pain relief and slept slept slept some more.

I lived.

Sean was amazing.  Ran a million errands.  Left work too many times to count.  Took great care of me.   As usual.  He’s such a good person.  I am lucky. lucky. lucky.


Reggie and I are running tonight.  We have our half marathon on Sunday so we figured we’d throw in a few short runs and see how it goes.  Mostly I just want to move.  I’m feeling pretty yucky from sitting still so long.

Because I always feel better after a run than I do before *Reasons to Be Fit


It’s marathon season.  Most of my friends are fundraising for charities connected to the marathons.  They are good people.   I’m not a fundraiser.  I should be.  I’d feel better about myself.  But I am a giver.  I will donate.  There’s enough races and charities that I can’t donate hundreds of dollars but I can throw $25 to each of them. It’s good for me, it’s good for my taxes and its good for the charities.  A little here and there sprinkled around.

I think it’s important to support these charities that largely go ignored by the vast masses.  They aren’t the Red Cross (though I support the Red Cross, too) so they don’t get the giant media attention that brings in the funding.  They rely on the local and runners fundraising.  It’s $25 I don’t mind sharing.  These are little fundraising pages.  You can put in however much you want to pay.  As little as $5 can make a difference, especially if everyone made that donation.

Times are tight and people are completely understanding if you can’t do it.  There was a long time our budget was beyond tight and there was definitely no donating happening.  I didn’t even feel the slightest guilt. We can only do so much, right?  But if you can, you might just make a little difference.


Run on.  And be strong.

5 Replies to “So…remember that whole…I HAD a migraine?”

  1. I’ll be there on Sunday! What corral are you in? I’ll be rocking a silver sparkle skirt, running with a friend who will also be sparkling (color TBD). If you see us, come say hi!

    1. Miss Kat, I am in corral 14. I’ll be totally identifiable in black capris! LOL. I haven’t decided what to wear yet but rest assured…it’ll probably be somehow in the grey scale. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be brave.

  2. Hey! Do you think we can find each other amongst the thousands of people? I get my packet tomorrow and I’ll figure out my corral then. Announcement to come I guess. I’ll let you know! I can tell you this for sure…no sparkle skirt. LOL. Sorry. But I love that you do it! More power to you! You’re awesome! I would love to meet you in person!

    1. We’re in corral 5! (Well, I’m technically in 8, but I’m going to sneak in an plead ignorance if asked! Shhh!)

      I suspect you’ll spot us (she’ll be rocking hot pink, btw) long before we spot you LOL! I have no idea what tents will be at the finish line, or I’d say let’s try to meet up at one of them afterward if we don’t catch up prior. Thoughts?

      1. Ha. I wonder if that works? And you’re crazy fast. I’ll pop into corral 5. Otherwise…maybe if we met by the bag pickup or something? I am actually going to be wearing all black. By accident. 🙂 And my running partner is really cute with a long ponytail and she’ll be in black capris and a purple jacket. If we miss…we miss! We won’t worry. Have a GREAT RACE!!!

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