Sweet List <3

This has been a rough week so…my list may seem odd. But it works for me.

1.  Listening to Sir Eliot talk along with Finding Nemo.  Hilarious.


2.  When he thought I was leaving he ran behind me and said, “Don’t go.  Don’t go”.  It’s possible…this boy has won my heart.  You think?

3.  Shots at the doctor to save me.

4.  Administered via a kind nurse practitioner  (one mustn’t discount the importance of this.  Though most medical professionals are kind…I’ve had my share that are not).

5.  Running feels good.  I’ll be running a lot more in the coming weeks and I’ll hopefully be feeling stronger.

*I do think my body is slower to recover from things like migraines and such.  I can run through a lot of it but I feel a lot weaker and my recovery takes days.  I end up feeling really weary and stopping a lot.  So when I have Migraine after migraine…it’s tough on my running schedule and my running partner who could seriously kick butt with her times but she doesn’t believe me.

6.  Rock n Roll Half Marathon is tomorrow!  I’ve picked on this race over and over but I’m going to stop and try and appreciate it for what it is.  A huge race put on by a business.  Accept that and appreciate the excitement of running with a cute running partner.  *sigh* 

*on that note…you totally should have seen the guys at the expo today.  HA.  “I get to spend all day passing out t-shirts to cute girls!” uh-huh.  And…”Come on over the the table and get a t-shirt!” (you have to read that like he’s saying it in a flirty way.  You know, like…”come on over to MY table and I’ll flirt with you more”)…that was the Spartan guy.  We did. 

7.  At the Spartan table I made Miss Reggie do the 30 burpees to get the t shirt by cheerfully saying, “She’ll do it.  She’s awesome.”


I am pretty sure she was cursing me under her breath (she sometimes doesn’t do it under her breath.  Girl has a mouth on her…) but she did them.   It was awesome.  Guy was impressed.  How could he NOT be…hello.

8. This story about a waitress paying for the lunch of a couple of soldiers from the New Hampshire National Guard.  I think kind pay it forward stories  like this are great and I love Ellen for showcasing it and rewarding the kindness.

9.  I’ll just throw this on there…the government decided to work again. Praise the Lord.

10.  Snow.  And it was beautiful.

11.  I’ve used this before but I cannot stress enough how great Sean is.  He ran back and forth to work and the doctors and our house and the store and to MT’s school and really…it was nuts.  No complaints…just “what can I get you”.  He must like me.

12.  This.  Which just came up on I <3 to Run.

So me.  Really.  Ask Reggie or Michelle. I look like this frequently.  LOL

13.  The view of the mountains this morning from the Convention Center.  Colorado is amazing.  Also…I found a penny on my run.  HA.