Rock n Roll Denver Half Marathon

#10 Done

This was a HUGE race. From what I could find, there were about 15,000 participants and all of their family and friends there to cheer them on.  It seemed like a helluva lot more people than 15,000.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe the complete chaos?

I had Reggie ask Sean to drop us at the start.  He’s a sucker for a cute girl and he’s over getting up at 5am and driving me in the cold.  The romance is gone.  😉  He dropped us and we went straight to the porta potty line.

  • porta potty line was super long.
  • I’ve been in many a porta potty and you just get used to it.  But every once in a while…wow. The person in the porta potty before me…not well.  It was an unpleasant experience and I got sick.  Perfect way to start the morning. *Thank you sensitive stomach
  •  We headed over to the corrals to find Miss Kat and her silver sparkle skirt! We started in corral 5 and hung out there for awhile and then waded our way straight through the middle all the way to the end of corral 14.  But no Kat.  🙁
  • I suggested we move up to corral 13.  I mean…why not?  So we did.  We are so wild.

The Fun Has Arrivedsource

  • Race started ten minutes late.  Then each corral had to start and by the time we got going…it was about 25 minutes past our “start time”.  I was pretty over hearing “10, 9, 8…” you get the drift.  Ready set go does the job Guys.
  • We stopped a few miles in to use the porta potty again.  There was  a HUGE line and we easily lost 6 or 7 minutes waiting.  Serious bummer.
  • Other than that…we pretty much kicked ass the first 8 miles.  We were strong and we felt strong.  Our longest run was 8 miles so that is not surprising.  I started to struggle at mile 9 and  I took some gummies and honey stingers and a shot of my inhaler and felt a little better.
  • Mile 11 I did it again.
  • Miles 12 and 13 we felt really strong and just flew in.  It was awesome.
  • We’re in the home stretch…flying down the road, crossing timing mats and approaching the finish and BAM!  Some chick stops right in front of me.  Just STOPS.  Who does that?  When I go to run around her…there’s a huge crowd and I can’t get out.. like the worst traffic jam ever.  Meanwhile Reggie is GONE.  Like…GONE (did I mention how fast she is?  I totally hold her up).  Girl is like a BLOCK ahead, arms out crossing the finish line, like The Sound of Music as they run down the mountain.


It was hilarious to see her cross and turn and look randomly for me. LOL.  Yeah….still back here Chick.  hahhaa.  So funny.  I love her so much.  And yes…I exaggerate a bit about the crossing but not a lot!  She was happy and had the energy to go with it.

  • At this point the wind picked up super fast….the chill popped in and damn.  It was cold.  Lord bless those volunteers for those blankets.
  • I lost my headband.  I am sad.

I am incredibly impressed with  Miss Reggie.  We crossed in 2:31:08 and 2:31:30 respectively.  She did a great job.  I am positive she could run this race far faster.  Lots of adrenaline and ran the whole thing.

Three to go.


8 Replies to “Rock n Roll Denver Half Marathon”

  1. Ok so true story.

    I was assigned to corral 8. I tried to get to corral 8. But there were SO MANY PEOPLE I couldn’t get past corral 5.

    Meanwhile, my running buddy had gotten T-boned by a cop (she’s fine, no worries) so she wasn’t even sure she would make it in time to run. She also started in corral 8 looking for me, but moved up and by some stroke of sparkle magic, she managed to find me right as the gun went off.

    I tried to keep an eye out for you guys, but “cute blonde girl and also cute chick in all black” weren’t exactly novel descriptors. :0)

    Let’s try to catch up at the Fa La La though! I’ll bring an extra skirt for you. 😀

    1. I totally believe it’s a true story because I read it on MRTT where I am a long time lurker but occasionally pop up and present myself. Only in dire emergencies though. LOL. I was shocked when I read it yesterday! I felt so bad for her husband missing his race! Crazy.
      And hey…those were awesome descriptions. Um…except I never said “cute chick in all black”. Just all black. Just to specify…
      Could you believe all the people?? Insanity.
      Sparkle magic…loved it. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find you. There were so many people in black capris and not a ton of people in sparkle skirts. Just sayin’. You should have been spottable. 🙁

      1. I promise, we’ll find each other at the Fa La La.

        Stupid question though…what’s MRTT?

        Also, I just assume you’re cute. You give Reggie so much credit, I figured someone should give you some too. :0)

  2. Not stupid at all. I just assumed you knew. Moms Run This Town. It’s a FB group I am SORT of a part of. Michelle joined pretty early on and hooked me up but all the moms have really little kids and none of the runners seem to have the same level of experience that I do. ::read:: I’m much older. LOL. There is much more to it than that. Anyway, there was Mary! With her story about the police officer hitting her car. And there you were with your story. Yep. I believed you. What were the odds? Small world.

    You are VERY sweet. Reggie is darn cute. She’s tough too. Kicks butt. I have a girl crush on her. haha. It’s not hard. I’m an easy sell. I like people that are nice.

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