Rock n Roll is here!

It is time to race again!

It’s the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon!

Okay…let’s be realistic.  It’s time to run again.  Other people race.  I just run. But today…I’m running with Reggie.  And it’s her virgin half marathon.  Her first.  Her PR.  Never to be repeated.

So excited!  She’s going to be awesome.

It is…going to be freaking cold.  But hey…we’re good.  Not to worry.  We’re tough like that.  So…on that note…

Run on and run like the badass we know you are Baby…

6 Replies to “Rock n Roll is here!”

  1. Yeah I really hope they have heaters at this thing or I’m going to be making friends the awkward way… By struggle cuddling strange rs

  2. Ps can we discuss the fact that it’s not even twilight yet, let alone dawn?? Whose bright idea was this???

    1. Sorry Kat, wasn’t paying attention earlier to my own reply! It WAS freakin’ dark as heck…and cold as heck! And crazy. I think that every time I am out running one of these suckers. Who thought this was a good idea? Yeah. Me. I hope you had a great time!

    1. Okay…yes yes and YES!!!!

      We couldn’t find a silver sparkle skirt anywhere 🙁 And we started in corral 5 just at the start of the gathering of the corrals and wove our way through to the end so we went through to 8…never saw you. Sadness!

      But at the end I froze so bad I had to get to my car. The wind picked up and I thought it was possible I might die. Really. I might have. You don’t know. 😉
      We should totally figure out a meet up somehow. This is nuts.
      I hope you had great time!

    2. Thanks Tess! Sorry for the random reply. It was a crazy day and I was randomly replying. LOL. And yes, it was so fun.

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