Photographic evidence.

Don’t get used to it.

So I’m breaking the law right now and using a photo I haven’t paid for. I never do that.  My family knows that.  I firmly believe photographers earn their money and deserve to have a paycheck just like everyone else.  I’m just so in a hurry right now I seriously don’t have two seconds (or 20 minutes) to buy the photos, upload them, do the media garbage and etc etc. So I grabbed them and have popped them onto the blog.  Complete with their copyright info right on the face.  On that note let me just say these photos are the property of and NOT me.  They did a great job.  Buy their photos, I will be as soon as I have two (or twenty minutes).


On the right is Miss Regina…running her ass off apparently in an attempt to pass this chick at the finish?  I don’t know but girl is motivated. Look at her go.  On the left is random chick who is oblivious.  Cute jacket though.


Here’s a semi not painful one of me…with my lost headband ::moment of silence:: I don’t love it, but I clearly don’t hate it enough that I can …gasp…share it.  This time.  Don’t get used to it. I was faking that cheerful thing before.  Nobody is that happy while they’re running. ~~~~~ On that note: It’s possible I need to work a bit harder if I’m all cheerful and not gasping or anything (ironically, there were moments of gasping).  Maybe work on some speedwork and hills.  Okay…I already do hills.  So I’m not adding more in.  But speedwork…yep.  I haven’t done that in months and it’s high time I do.  I’m slacking and it feels like it. Miss Reggie is a kick butt Muay Thai instructor and fighter.  She pretty much has cross training down to a science. I say it a lot and I start it and then life intervenes and I get waylaid.  So frustrating.  I’m going to actually get on a schedule as best I can with the understanding that if life intervenes I cannot beat myself up about it. ~~~~~ I beat myself up a lot.  Why did I say that?  Why did I do that?  That was my fault.  That makes me feel so stupid.  I think this kind of thing is so typical of women/girls I can hardly fault myself.  I especially don’t since I recognize it even as it happens.  Yet there it is and me with no way out of the guilt.  I just feel the need to wear it and try and change my behavior.  But I think for the sake of our kids (whether they are young or old) it’s important they understand you aren’t blaming yourself for things and even that you recognize you do this but you don’t want to.  That it’s not a good trait to have.  Let’s do a work around so you can feel something else. I really would rather focus on being happy and blow off the guilts and worries we all pick up.  I’m going to start this and work on it…one day at a time.

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  1. Dammit. Every time I read this post I remember I didn’t buy a headband. I need a new one for Saturday!!
    Dammit. I’ll pick one up when I get shoes. So irritating.
    What is WRONG with me?
    And yes…I am hard on myself. With most things except running. I should be harsher. Hard core Baby. Get hard core. 🙂

  2. You are too hard on yourself. How many people didn’t even get off their couch and you did a race and posted a GREAT picture!! Judging from your post you do some pretty amazing things off the road too. Be proud!Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Tess! I’m a little hard on myself, I’ll admit. I think I just know what I am capable of and I expect more and I feel like a slacker right now! No comment on the photo. 😉 (but thank you!)

    1. Thanks! I totally picked it because of Union Station in the background! It was a perk that I didn’t look like I was dying and most body parts were where they are supposed to be. But yep. That was the first thing I noticed~

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