Crazy busy but here we go AGAIN!

This week has been insane!  So busy that I haven’t run ONCE.

And yet…I’m about to undertake the Kooky Spooky Half Marathon!

I know.  Can you believe how wrong that is?  Next week hopefully some sanity to my world.  Wait…didn’t I ask for that last week?


But sometimes it just happens.  There were some nights I did get in bed by midnight but couldn’t bring myself to run.  I don’t mind running at midnight but lately it’s kicking my butt. Too much right now I guess.

Yesterday I started to post  and I fell asleep at my table.   Anyone else notice a serious lack of regular posts this week?  Such a slacker…I noticed, that’s really all that mattered.


Today after work I went straight to buy new running shoes.  I walked in the door, asked for my fabulous Brooks Adrenaline 14′s and then said, “Wow.  Those are really…enthusiastic.  Do you have last seasons?”  She did.  They are also pretty happy.  They aren’t bright pink and orange (I think the 14’s might have blinky lights on them…damn they were bright), but they are screaming bright turquoise, one of my least favorite colors.  At least it’s only one color.  Pretty sure I’ll be back in two weeks for the 14’s just so I can have two pair.  I asked her if they are super fabulous….she said, “well, they ARE America’s #1 stability shoe!” with a big smile on her face.  Right?  Gotta love Brooks! They know how to do it right.

**Reggie, in case you think I was “cute shoe” buying…nope.  Both pair…top of the line.  I chose the least of all evils, Missy.  So there.

p.s. you know you were thinking that.

I also bought a new headband.  We aren’t going to talk about that.


Any ideas for Halloween?  They want us to dress up for the holiday Any non offensive suggestions?  I think I’ve only worn one costume since I was like…twelve.


Occasionally you’ll find I highlight an area of a paragraph.  Why, you ask? Well it’s like this. No matter how much I want to cut back on what I write… I write like I think.  This can lead to long boring paragraphs.  *yawn*  I know you’re thinking, “shut UP. So not true”.

You and I both know I’m captivating to read and you can’t tear your eyes away… (see what I did there?? ;))

I myself am a skimmer.  I’ll skim once and then go back and read the whole thing.  Geez, I wonder why my recipes turn out so bad? (epiphany happening as we speak)

So once in a while I’ll highlight a spot I think you might grab onto.  I am helping you skim.  I am a giver.  😉 Who knows if I’ll keep doing it. It’s only if I’m in the mood.  And really, I am a woman of little patience.

Next week…I’ll read aloud to you (that will never happen).

Week after you’ll find your morning coffee delivered (actually might).

I am out of control.




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