#11 Done.

Kooky Spooky Half Marathon

Holy Jalapeno.  I only have two left!!

This was a pretty great little race except for the hills, the weeds and the heat!  Other than that…it was good. LOL

I completed this race in a time I didn’t love but I didn’t hate.  So…there.


Finish time was 2:23:26  

Things I loved:

  • a drop zone. About a mile into the race, when you’re warmed up there is a 20-30 foot stretch that is labeled with volunteers for you to “drop” your clothes you are over wearing.  Gloves, hats, jackets.  Those things we love and didn’t want to donate to Goodwill.  Label it and at the end they have a manned “lost and found”.  I totally found my hated headband no problem.  Love it. Not the headband. The drop zone.  ::clarifying::
  • This race allowed dogs, there were not a ton and they stayed at the back.  I never had any problem.  At every aid station they had dog water bowls.  So awesome.  Probably obvious but…cool. Also…a dog beat me.  Not awesome.
  • At the beginning they ask for the fast, elite runners and the people going for PR’s to move straight to the front so they don’t have to bob and weave. No…I didn’t move.
  • They also had a runner go to the restrooms and announce the half was starting so no one missed it.  Thoughtful.
  • During the National Anthem everyone around me removed their hats and stood respectfully.  I was shocked and impressed. Thankyouverymuch.
  • The first half was a nice gradual downhill so it didn’t kill your quads but it felt great and at the end there were some awesome switchbacks to ease the pain of the hills you just went through and are about to enter again.  Those were great.
  • The beginning was grass and trees and brooks.  Very nice.
  • Race day packet pick up.
  • indoor heated restrooms at the start.
  • Very nice tech shirts, long sleeved (I might not cut it up.), very cool water bottle (I might keep it.) and … well an average medal but what the hell the first two were pretty cool.
  • Lots of aid stations with water, Gatorade, Gu in two flavors and porta potties at several of them.

Things I didn’t love so much:

  • There were two packet pickup days.  One was the Thursday before and one was…race day.  Hello…what about Friday?  Way to give us one shot.  The only problem I have with this is the pressure to not wait.  Arvada is not close for some of us and a random Thursday is pretty inconvenient.  Wiggle room would be great.
  • The second half of the race.
  • Okay…that’s an exaggeration.  I really only struggled with maybe a few miles the most.  But wow…they were doozy’s. Enough to kill my time for sure.
  • Oh…and I stopped to use a PERFECT porta potty which took me no time at all except I was the first to use it and so…virgin toilet paper.  Couldn’t get the paper off and couldn’t get the paper started.  I lost a ridiculous amount of time doing this.  I won’t even venture to guess how much time because it’s embarrassing.  (Probably 3 minutes, easy…don’t make fun of me)

Here’s the course:


The arrows indicate the most nasty hills, if I’m correct.  Also…still mastering the arrows. Sadness.

The downhill did not feel that downhill, it just felt like a lovely course. The up hill really didn’t feel horrible until those couple of really huge ones.  They were unfriendly.  And of course, at the end.

*note, if I ever design my own race there will be no uphill at the end.  So dumb.

There were far more things I loved than didn’t.

So there you go.  Are the two things I dislike about the race enough to balance out what I loved and thus make me not want to race it again?  No.  I don’t think so. It was a really good experience.  Definitely a race designed FOR runners.  I enjoyed it a lot.  (except for the wheezing and hurting).

Sorry this is so long but these are my splits…mostly. Remember I have a Forerunner so it stops automatically when I do and the porta potty stop is at mile 7.  The heinous hill is mile 10.  And also…11.  So there you go.  I did some walking on the other hills but not much because my time didn’t slow THAT much.  A good race.  I need to learn to breathe.  MT, maybe I could use your elevation mask…



8 Replies to “#11 Done.”

    1. Thanks Caroline! It was a great race. Those hills…man. I run with a Muay Thai instructor who is in AWESOME shape and she calls hills “butt makers”. I try to remember that…it doesn’t always work. But I try. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Thanks for the great review. I think you did great on your splits, even with the hills. I might do this one at a future date, but I don’t think I will go for the spring fever half, which is the same course, as I am looking for a time that I don’t think I could achieve on the course.

    1. Thanks Lois! Splits were okay, hated the darn hills. Oh…that’s a dead horse? Sorry. LOL.
      I sent you an email with some other options that may work for you. Good luck on your search!

  2. Great Race!!! Sounds like a runners race…..love that!! Your bathroom battle (portapotty) is so funny!! I think its always harder to make things work right when your in a hurry.

    1. Ha, right? You should have seen me attempting this. Why can’t I get the PAPER OFF. Where’s the start to the toilet paper? It went around and around and around. What a nightmare. LOL

  3. Random… but in school I remember having the worst toilet paper, it was like a napkin dispenser… maybe they need these in the porta potties to prevent virgin roll disasters 🙂 *just a thought 😉 And congrats on #11!

    1. Miss Katrina, I would so pull that story out of my head after reading that. Not random at all! I like good toilet paper. It’s worth it. What a great idea! Toilet paper dispensers! Thanks for the congrats! Miss your face.:)

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