Sweet List <3

Beautifully decorated wedding cake pops in pink, white, adorned with a sugar rose.

1.  When you have to load the dishwasher and you open it resigned to unload it first and find…it’s ready! All unloaded and ready to go!  That right there is happiness.

2.  New running shoes.  Even though they are darn unpretty.

3.  Honey Stinger energy vanilla waffle.  Oh my Lord it’s delicious.

4.  Okay…technically I did buy a new headband so it’s going on the sweetlist and it’s by Brooks. But it’s fleece.  ::yuck:: I don’t enjoy it.  I’m happy to have a new headband. Not that one.  But it’ll do until another one I don’t hate as much shows up. How’s that?

5.  I have a friend running the MCM this weekend. Pretty sweet right there.  I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

6.  I got my nails done and Lisa, my nail girl,  gave me a purple French manicure w/little Frankensteins on my ring fingers. They are adorable.  Yep…you’re right.  Totally not my style.  But she really really wanted to practice and she knew I’d let her.  So I did.  She was so happy! I love her.

7.  Montana:  “I wish to have the cream of ice”  LOL.

8.  Montana got his car registered in his very own name and he owns it. Completely.  In his name.  Title, registration,  everyhing.  The boy is happy.

9.  This video, it’s so fun!  It’s just the happiest little video ever

10.  Sleep.  Ditching everything for sleep.

11. Shaughnessy’s birthday this week.  And cake.  Cherry Chip.  It was our wedding cake flavor and it’s her favorite kind of cake.  It’s hard to find and it’s SO good!  It wasn’t pretty but, as previously discussed, I was short on time and still tasted delicious.  And Sir Eliot ate a LOT of it.

12.  Great customer service.  We’re working with our bank on a refinance and wow.  They have been great.  We needed this, it’s been a rocky road for customer service lately so our faith is restored a bit.

13.  In a laid back moment of conversation my boss made a casual comment that I do work really hard and I am underpaid.  It was nice to hear.

4 Replies to “Sweet List <3”

  1. Nails sound Fantastic!! I LOVE new running shoes. Godd luck on the headband search! Halo has some good ones!

  2. The nails are pretty cute. I have to admit. The shoes are so bright Sean could spot them this morning as I ran in to the finish. Hilarious. It’s the shoelaces, I figured out. They’re that bright turquoise…holy cow give me sunglasses color.
    I am SO checking out Halo. Brooks has failed me. Sadness.

  3. Isn’t it cute? I’ve watched it three times. Cracks me up every time. It’s so my dog, Malachi and our cat, Skosh. So funny.

    I’ve never had a facial. I should try it sometime.

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