Grieving Process for Injured Runners

**I originally posted this in a different group but have found some relevance in reposting.  Mostly because I’m amused**

1. concern (is that a tweak? nah…)

2.huh. There it is again. hmm. Got my attention. (mention it to someone in passing).

3. eesh. My ~insert body part that hurts here~ really is bothering me today. I’ll rest for a day or two and see if that helps.
4. running! yay! ohmyGodohmyGodohmyGod. #limpinghome
5. questions. Anyone else??? These are my symptoms…Ideas?? Doctor?? supplement?? Prayer??
6. Seriously People. Prayer.
7. Full week off now. Not any better. I’m thinking if I’m not better by Monday… I’ll call.
8. It’s been two weeks. If I’m not better by next week I am for SURE going to call
9. Who should I see? Chiro? Sports? Physical Therapist? Priest?
10. So it’s been three weeks, I can barely walk with no pain. I think I should see someone. I’m going today.
11. ~Insert specialist of choice~ person said no running for two weeks! *sob* What will I do?
12. …can you believe he said I can’t run for TWO WEEKS? Even then I may still have to start SLOW #aghast
13. More crying
14. Melancholy. Wistful. Remember when I could run? Like you guys?
15. Pretty sure I’ll never run again. Stupid ~insert body part that hurts here~
15. Seeing the PT today. #nervous

::weeks later::
16. Feelin’ a little better. I got to try a slow jog. Felt so good to run!
17. Oh yeah. I’m back baby. 5 miles down. Show ‘em how it’s done!
18. Now if I can just lose this freaking five pounds I gained from not running.

This is in no way any kind of an example of any one person, I myself have been injured and exhibited several of these very characteristics. I was a joy to live with. Ask my husband.  Better yet, don’t.