Publicly commited.

First…you get BONUS photos!  I know how happy that makes you…(Mom).

Kooky Spooky

Thanks to Running Guru for FREE race photos.  I only showed one. It’s the least…not horrible.  See the bumble bees behind me?  Two teachers from Colorado Springs. SO cute!  We hung together the whole time with one of the bees hollering at the other bee to “come oooon, Chrissy!” until “Chrissy” finally yelled at her to stop.  It was kind of a scream.  I might have done the same thing as Chrissy.


So…here we go Folks.

At the Spooky Looky half marathon, by mile…oh…say 9 (sound familiar? I can’t stand that mile) I was so over running.  I am always so dragging by then.  I pull out the gummies and pray for energy.  I’m usually picking it up by mile 11 praise the Lord but those two miles are so painful.  So I finally admitted to myself it was just not a realistic expectation that I would ever run another marathon.  This self conversation was really a long time in the making.

  • Thyroid issues that plague me
  • My breathing will probably always be an issue.
  • Hills contribute greatly
  • as do those damn weeds

It was really hard to admit and my family was pretty surprised (and doubtful) but it was such a load off my mind. I was surprised myself, and sad.  But I really just didn’t even think it sounded like fun.  I haven’t missed it at all this year and that was my test. I passed with flying colors.

Then came the Marine Corp Marathon.


I have always wanted to run the MCM

Always always.

Miss Ria had a beautiful run and as I’m on the phone with her right after her run I am completely sucked in.  I haven’t even hung up and I know I’ve committed my heart to doing it next year.  I can hardly wait.  My son will be home.  My other son will be starting high school as a Senior.  Shaughnessy and Adam should be set with Sir Eliot and we are good.  Sean and I can head out there together.


I am a Navy daughter

An Air Force wife

A Marine Mom

My politics may be private, but my patriotism knows no bounds.  I can’t wait to run for those men in my life I’m so proud of and for Steele Meis, my friend Holly’s son.  The young man who joined the same day as my son and our Corey.  Who sat with us in a hotel lobby waiting to go to basic training and a year later, was gone.  This boy.  Who could’ve been my kid.  And don’t for one second think I don’t think about that all the time. I’ll be there.

Run on.  And run for something better.