The new “me”

If I didn’t tell you…you wouldn’t even notice.  This is the theme of today’s post.

We have a new URL and it’s no longer  We are officially

Of course, we have her rigged so she’ll bounce right over in case you type the old URL in but I thought it would be good to put a bug in your ear about the new digs.

Also, my incredibly awesome husband did it and I had to brag.  He does the updates on the blog now. Shaughnessy was being run ragged and needed a break.  Girl was busy!

p.s.  If you find a page that doesn’t want to work ( heaven forbid one of those “404” pages) please let me know. I can’t stand those “cute” messages that basically let you know you’re stupid for landing on a 404 page.  Uh…it’s not MY fault your page doesn’t work.  Please be nicer and fix your blog.  Mean sarcasm isn’t nice


Along the lines of things are not what they seem…I thought I’d chat for a quick minute about sizes.

I know!  An unfriendly subject but one I wanted to touch on.  I recently went shopping for new pants/jeans. So off I go to Kohls.   Daisy Fuentes pants, I need like a size 4short.  Sometimes a 6 but that’s usually too big.  Apt.9 I need a size 4 because they are all too big but the style is “modern”.  Translation, not exactly trending.  I need to have a lower rise (scarring from a surgery I had) so those pants are out anyway.

Off I go to Juniors.  Everything there is made for people who are 5’8″.  Where are all these incredibly tall girls???  I need at least a size 9 in Juniors.  Hm.  Looks like maybe an 11.  Pretty long though.

Old Navy skinny jeans. My FAVORITE>  after coming off my junior shopping search, I thoughtlessly grab the size 8’s.  Old Navy runs big to me.  I have a pair at home and I think they are 6’s.  I remember thinking I should have picked up the 4’s.  The 6’s would work though.  But I own the 8’s now.

I end up giving the 8’s to a friend, they’re the perfect fit for her and I don’t feel like driving clear and the heck back to that store to return them.  She’ll take me out to lunch, I’m sure.  She asked if I was sure and I said yes, I can’t wear them, Old Navy runs funny I think.  I struggle with it every time.  Maybe they run big?  She wasn’t happy to hear that and I should have thought before I spoke.

In my closet right now I have size 4, 6, 8, 9, and 11. That is crazy.

Why do we care about a number?? It clearly doesn’t matter.

I’m not happier when I wear the 4’s than when I wear the 11’s because I understand they are just assigned a number based on that label’s measuring system.

This size 4 may be nowhere near that size 4 so what are the odds I’m a REAL size 4?  What IS a real size 4?  When we allow the labels to dictate how we feel we give them a ridiculous amount of power over us.  It’s a label.

Some people are so happy to “fit into the size 2” jeans it can make them happy the rest of the day.  I don’t know whether to encourage that and be happy for them or crush their happiness because next week they may be back in the (God forbid) size 4s.

We have so many people, things and situations trying to dictate how we feel, subconsciously or not, this is one thing we can make a purposeful effort to work on.  We can actually try and recognize the absurdity of giving our power to a number.

I tell Reggie this all the time…I have some serious hips, Man.  Serious. Like…My 15lbs are there in my hips and thighs and I am over it.  But if I have learned anything over the years it’s that wearing something too small is only going to accentuate the problem.  Just because I can WEAR the size 4 (by lying down on the bed to zip the jeans, man do I know someone like this), doesn’t mean I should!  If you feel like this….watch an episode of What not to Wear on TLC. You will be more beautiful for it.

Run on and be beautiful.








4 Replies to “The new “me””

  1. Love “What Not to Wear”!!! No one ever sees the size of your pants. That’s why they put the tag in the INSIDE of the pants. What people do see is the FIT! If your tight and bulging and wearing a size “2” all people see is the tight and bulging not the 2. If however you are wearing a size 4,6,8,or whatever and they fit properly all people see is a well put together person in attractive clothing :0

    1. Oh man, right?? I totally agree. And I feel so much more put together. When my clothes are tight, I feel like they’re tight and I’m just uncomfortable and I know I look that way. Very unflattering. “What Not to Wear” really makes that clear. It’s worth your style to wear the right size and be HAPPY about that.

  2. Yes. Vanity sizing. I knew the term but somehow at midnight it didn’t come up in my writing. It just came to me that I was so frustrated I had hurt someone’s feelings by thoughtlessly mentioning a number that clearly has no value whatsoever.

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