Sweet List <3

Good Morning!

1.  I finished my twelfth.

2.  The season of marathons.  It’s killing me but I love it, too.   I will admit to being sucked in to the pretty ones.  Not just the pretty ones but the PRETTY ones.  Like…New York (which ran today), Chicago (October 12th) and Marine Corps (hello, we all know how I reacted to THAT one) and of course Boston.  Who doesn’t love those runs.



4.  Sean honking at me as he drove past during half marathon #12.  That was kind of fun.

5.  The ability to run, People, the ability to run.  Yep.  I’m injured.  But it’s short term and I’ll be running again soon.  So I’m grateful.  It’s just a little reminder for me, that’s all.


6.  Hearing from Alex.

7.  Shaughnessy said Eliot wouldn’t wear a costume for Halloween.  She said, “apparently he’s going as a wet blanket this year”.  LOL.  I laughed so hard.  Little stinker.  This entertained me greatly.

8.  Sean and I were driving home and as we turned onto our street I looked at the trees and all the leaves that fall and I voiced what I think every single time I turn there.  I love our street and where we live.  It’s so beautiful.  He agreed and I felt less silly for thinking that every time I turn there.  It always makes me want to go running.

9.  I get to go home and see my mom next week.  The drive is always relaxing and perfect for just some quiet “me” time. I’m already missing my boys but I’m pretty sure Sean is looking forward to his own “downtime”.  I’m “on” a lot.

10.  I found my Nuun.  It’s an electrolyte drink and I lost the little container of tablets and I’ve been going crazy that I had a whole little packet ~what the hell did I do with them?  Finally giving up (isn’t that always what happens?) I happened upon them today.  It’s on my sweet list because I LOVE finding lost things.  I feel completely out of sorts when I can’t find something.

11. The holiday season is here and I do love Thanksgiving.  It’s so delicious.  All…appley (it’s a word) and spicey (it really IS a word) and pumpkiney (whatever don’t judge).  Love it.

12.  New shoes.  I think I did the new shoes thing last week but…I took them back.  This week….they’re a keeper.  I’m wearing them now. HA.  So there.

13.  Pumpkin cupcakes at work.  With cream cheese frosting.  *swoon* I could die with the deliciousness of it all.  But I won’t.  I’ll just order more because they are yummy.

pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting






4 Replies to “Sweet List <3”

  1. I’m not a fan of Nuun. I wish I could get into it because it’s so darn convenient but it seriously makes me want to throw up. 🙁

  2. Oh my gosh I like it so much. I haven’t always but I do really now. I like the triple berry and I put it in a water bottle with crushed ice and I’ll go through a couple during the day. I am sure there are flavors that would make me ill, though. For sure. I don’t do mango anything and I don’t like lemonade at all. Things like that.

  3. Yah!! NUUN! I love it. I’ve tried almost every kind and enjoyed all. None of them have a bad after taste to me and they are so refreshing!

    1. Tess, I love it, too! I am NOT a lover of Power Ade, Heed, Gatorade, etc. But Nuun, I will drink that stuff UP. It’s delicious. So good.

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