So, I waited and waited and waited.

and waited.

And searched.

and could NOT find the results anywhere.

I finally found a website that had a review from 2008 for the race and it had an updated review for the race this year that was pretty unfriendly.

The reviewer was upset because

a:  the course was completely not as described on the website (I would know that, but I didn’t really look that close..he looked REALLY close)

b:  there were no pancakes at the finish (a surprise to me as the guy at the finish line said, “get some ice on that and then go get yourself some pancakes!”.  Bet HE was surprised, too)

and c: no chip timing for a pretty good sized race (it actually never says there IS chip timing…but really…it’s so rare to NOT have it anymore.  And this is Colorado.  Geez.  They chip time if the kids are running down the street).

I replied that I had to leave early and didn’t get to see my results, where could I see them.  Anyone?

He basically said ~good luck. Some years aren’t ever even posted.

Well, many conversations later, on FB and this website and I finally found them on  a FOURTH website under a totally different race.  ???

And we wonder why I get migraines.

I thanked the person that helped me and off I went to find my results.


Geez.  I could barely move the last two miles. I was in bad shape.  I might have PR’d this race.

Too bad I’ll never never never never never run it again.

did I mention never?

Just thought I’d make that clear. Thanks.

Also, I just wrote a whole post on my results. LOL.  That’s talent right there.