What motivates you?

So…first of all I have this fun new thing at the top of my “dashboard” that Sean put on that has all my “stats”.  I only have like…four readers besides my mom… Hi mom!  ::waves at mom::   but it’s cool to see it and I figured out I have an actual FOLLOWER!

It’s my husband.



Mostly he reads to know what I’m up to and to help figure out why the blog is doing this funky thing or that funky thing but HEY…I am not complaining.


Let’s talk motivation.

I find this very motivational.  Mostly because I am freaking terrified of the day I can’t move.

Okay…yes.  Currently that’s today.  But that’s beside the point and I’m going to heal and get back on the road.

Geez…way to rain on my parade. 🙁

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Okay.  Thank you. I think I will.  Kind of you to remind me.


Running motivation

This one doesn’t do a thing for me.  Not even a little bit.  I find it completely unrealistic in my world.  Plus…running on a dirt road would kill my achilles. 😉

And she should really put some clothes on.  Geez.  And a hairband.  Her hair is going to be a tangled mess.  But hey…at least she looks cute for this picture.  That’s all that’s important.

Run on, run strong so you can run tomorrow. 



2 Replies to “What motivates you?”

  1. HaHaHa Lurve the motivation for the last picture!!! You are wrong, it does motivate you….. to be Hilarious!!! And we all could use some good belly laughs!!!
    Have a great day!

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