I’ve decided I can’t read the cool “dashboard stats” thing.  It changes every time I look at it.  And no…I’m not talking about the stats…duh.

side note:  my darling daughter told me she hasn’t said “duh” since she was like….16.  I think she may have eye rolled, too.  She clearly is missing out.  There are valuable places in the English language where it fits perfectly. 

The whole thing changes and I’m still getting the gist.  Plus…I have the attention span of a gnat.  I’m working on it though.  I just get very distracted.


I really want to go get the brand brand new Brooks running shoes…the 14’s.

I’m restraining myself because..well…

There’s a substantial list of  reasons.   I won’t bore you.  Suffice it to say, there are many more things in my budget right now and $120 running shoes somehow doesn’t make it to the top.  So wrong.

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ooh!!  I could use the Christmas bonus for part of it!

Now I’m thinking about it. HA!


Ya’ll know I love to read blogs.  I’ve never actually stolen an idea before but OlivetoRun has a great little “confessions” post she does every week or so and I always love that one. I don’t know why…maybe a peek into someone’s weaknesses?  So I’m stealing it and telling you she’s awesome and you can find her at the above link.

Here’s the thing.  I daily give you wide screen versions of my weaknesses so I’m not sure what my confessions will do for entertainment but I thought I’d throw it on here anyway.   And hello, you for sure probably know so much of this about me, none of it will be news. But I’m doing it.

Also…I’m not running. So I’m sad.

There’s that.

So here goes:


I am fearless about driving and if I need to,  will drive anywhere, anytime. Even if I am afraid, I figure everyone else seems able to do it, this is not something I can’t do (how’d you like THAT double negative?)  But if another driver yells at me, I am a complete sobbing mess.  Mean People Suck.

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I have this weirdness about drinking water.  I only like to drink it out of a glass or the bottle you buy it in.  Although exceptions are made for cups like the Starbucks refillable with a straw.  I have one of those for work and use it to death.  Eliot keeps breaking it.  I’m on my third.  He’s getting better.

p.s. I once had a friend call me out on it, the whole ~I won’t drink water out of that little cup~ thing.  Super embarrassing.  I felt like the privileged idiot.   Can’t do it.  I get it!  Something is wrong with me!  I can drink ANYTHING ELSE out of that little cup.  But not water.  Plus, it’s always warm.  Just totally grosses me out.

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Maybe I should try it this way…


I have a thing for sweaters.  LOVE them.  I am a freak for a cardigan and own far too many and oh my gosh..I’m certain I need that new black cardigan I passed in the store.  I say that every time I see a new black cardigan.  Or grey.  Or beige.

Do you see a pattern?


Leg update:

I don’t feel like you need a leg update EVERY day but I thought I would pass on that I think it’s getting a little better. Today it didn’t hurt when I got out of bed.  It hurts tonight but I figure that’s normal. I walk a LOT during the day.  Also…the pain has gradated from the lump on my ankle up my leg to several spots along my leg and a particular spot on the side of my knee.  They’re all connected and the foam rolling is making it happy.

Time is on my side.  December 7th.  One month from today.

Run on~then stretch, foam roll and thank your body for the gift.