Super incredibly happy.

Because I’m home.

Is there anything better?

No.  Definitely not.


Unfortunately for me, there was no food when I got home so my fabulous dreams of going to the gym and working out on the elliptical were, in fact, just dreams.  My family expected food.  So that would be me.

Grocery shopping done.

Dinner done.

Then the dishes…

Sean took the dishes off my hands tonight.  He can probably see between the migraine I’ve had for four days and the exhaustion and frustration I’ve had … I need to sit down.

He knows me well.

It’s not very often I run out of energy.

I’m there.


I was listening to NPR’s “This American Life” and this weeks’ episode was “The Seven Things You’re Not Supposed To Talk About” because they’re boring.

Here is a list of the seven things not in the order they give them because I can’t remember:

  1. routes (how you got somewhere…this is the #1 biggest forbidden of them all apparently)
  2. dreams
  3. money (vulgar to discuss this)
  4. health
  5. how you slept
  6. your period
  7. diet/food restrictions

I have to say…I agree with a majority of this list.  You just don’t want to hear these things.  I’m embarrassed when I have to tell someone I have an eating restriction because then there are questions and it becomes a conversation and I don’t think it’s that interesting. 

I’m pretty sure the “diet” thing leads to the “health” thing with me and again…awkward. I just can’t stand it.  I had to ask someone this morning to open my water bottle and there it was.  Why?  Because I’m Hypothyroid which has symptoms that mimic Arthritis so my fingers hurt a lot in the morning.  And then there were questions.  Why couldn’t I open a little tiny water bottle?  Mostly I can. But every once in a while they are just too hard to get.

Routes can be interesting, as long as it isn’t traffic.  But a road trip?  So good.  I want to hear about where you went, what you saw and any recommendations.  But with limitations and I don’t want a slide show. Just a few good shots would be great.

Dreams.  So boringAnd I’m an offender here…I subject my husband to my dreams, but I do try to cut it super short and it’s only when my dream is super nutty.  I have really awful dreams so if I bring it up to him it had to go above and beyond the nutty.  And I’ll totally hear your dream if you can cut to the chase.  Eliminate the extraneous.   

How you slept doesn’t bother me too much.  If you didn’t sleep well, maybe there’s a good reason.  There’s something on your mind and you need to bat it around. If you just didn’t sleep well, I got nothin’.  Maybe keep that to yourself. 

Money depends on what.  If you’re discussing a good boot sale…money is fine.  If you’re discussing your lack of ability to pay your light bill…keep it to your close friends.  Probably not appropriate

Your period.  Really.  Enough said