Getting Started

It’s been what…two weeks? since I’ve run the half marathon?  It feels like a week but I think it’s been two.  That’s critical mass, People.  Time to get the ball rolling.  Why? Why you ask?

Because it’s a freaking nightmare to have to start running again when you have quit for any length of time.

Heaven forbid getting out of running shape.

I may have it worse than the average runner (not that I’m looking for pity…) but I’m no rockstar.  I just run.  I have friends who “start” after not having run in 6 months or so and they come back after their first day complaining about a very slow and painful three or four miles.


If I stop running,  that mile I finally talk myself into is the worst mile I can dredge out of me.  The worst.  The next few weeks I force myself to keep going by reminding myself how horrible it is when I stop.
It slowly slowly slowly gets better.

And then…it is good again.

And I’s a rough month.


It’s the same when you start a running program.

There are so many great programs out there, probably the most popular is the Couch to 5k.

A simple program that let’s people gradually build their walking into running until they are able to run a 5k in 9 weeks.  A gradual build that doesn’t shock the system, mentally or physically.

There’s also a great book called The Courage to Start ~A Guide to Running for Your Life by John Bingham.

It’s an easy inspirational read about a guy who didn’t even start running until his 40’s.  He was an expert at couch sitting and smoking.

One day he decided to give running a try.  He had the courage to start.

He’s a runner now, completed at least 11 marathons, and is an accomplished author.  Pretty impressive.


I have such admiration for people who take these steps and it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to them OR they are having to force a come back after a long hiatus.

I have friends who came to running just a few years ago to lose a few pounds and now are tri athletes.  If you saw them on the street, you wouldn’t guess that.  Changing their lives one mile at a time.  Amazing.

And they just had the courage to walk out the door and put one foot in front of the other. ..the second day.  Because the first day?  They suspected it would suck.  The second day it was confirmed and they still did it.

Weeks later it’s a new story.

And in case you’re wondering…the first mile…it always sucks.  Always.

I've just now started to run this summer and if someone could run in front of me with this sign on their back maybe I could run for more than 5 minutes without stopping. bahaha

Good for you for heading out the second day.

Run on.  One step, one day, one mile at a time.

Change your stars…


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