Have you seen my eyebrows??? Anywhere??

So last night I ran four miles on the treadmill and I had such a good time!  I finished about midnight and dragged my disgusting butt to bed.  My poor husband.  What he puts up with.  I did have leg pain, I should have tootsie rolled (this is foam rolling made interesting) before. That was apparent about halfway through when my leg started to hurt.


I had an appointment today to be waxed.  Yep.  I wax.  It’s a lovely little form of torture and I’m a tad late for it.  Like…two months.  Yikes.  I’ve been SO completely busy I just could not find any time.  In my defense, my schedule does not allow for a lot of free time and if it does, I’m not rushing to have my body hair ripped from me viciously.


So I call and my regular fabulous girl…”is no longer with the company”.  Dammit.  Fine.  It’s a reputable company so I make an appt with someone else who shall remain unnamed.

I get there today and the girl at the desk is really nice.  She calls the girl up and I’m escorted back.  I take off my clothes (yep…I have THAT done) and hop onto the table and prepare for my eyebrows first.

*****side note.  It took months of emotional prep to get me to do this the first time.  I’m SO shy and have the hardest time taking my clothes off for strangers. I don’t get dressed in front of girlfriends. I just can’t.  So for me to do this is a big deal*****

I lie down and she starts with my eyebrows.  Waxing first, then cutting.  Huh.  Okay.  Unusual but occasionally they trim my eyebrows.  Plucking.  Ugh.  More plucking.  Really?  I don’t have a lot of eyebrows.  More plucking.  serio~ HOLY WOW that HURTS.  More plucking.  ON and ON and ON.

Finally she hands me a mirror.  I look in the mirror and calmly get off the table and begin to get dressed.  Thank her for her time and service and leave.  She was definitely surprised.  At the front desk I burst into tears, offer to pay (yes, I offered to pay.  She performed a service and I knew the girl at the desk would refuse to take it. But I was going to be appropriate and not act like a raving lunatic) and tell the girl I won’t be back.  She was a true angel and immediately offered to call the manager.  I said I just wanted to leave.  But thank you.

I have no eyebrows. 

Okay.  That’s an exaggeration.  But I have like…50% or less of the eyebrows I had and they are splotchy.  And super thin.


I left after the eyebrows…the thought of a bikini wax by this woman struck fear in my heart.  The therapy I would need .

I went to the school to pick up MT and see Reggie.  Neither of them said anything so I have to hope that means they didn’t actually notice.  I notice.  It’s pretty obvious. Geez.  It’s crazy how thin they are and really arched like I’m super surprised.  So embarrassing.  I’m really self conscious anyway, which is another post for another day, so this is awesome.

On the bright side…we did laugh our butt off about it once the acute nature of it passed.  Damn it’s funny.

My Korean lady at the bank will probably notice right away.  I’m already imagining what she’ll say.

So I spent the evening looking for a photo of me with eyebrows…a close up.  This is difficult as I avoid close ups for sure.  ooh I found one!  Well…as close up as I can get I think.

(This is Miss Ria and I right before the Virginia Wine Half Marathon)

Note the eyebrows…Neat. Clean. Two of them. Relatively full.  *sigh*  I miss them already.  Also…those were awesome sunglasses and I LOVED them.  I miss those too.

Now note the NEW eyebrows.  🙁


Keep in mind…I’m tired…no makeup.  Long day of crying about the waxing place, gave up on my hair to lie down and see if my migraine would go away ~safe to say there’s no spoiler alert here…it didn’t~ and now I have a permanent surprised look on my face.  AWESOME photo.  LOL.  They look kind of even considering how BARE they are.  But they aren’t.  They are splotchy.  Did I mention the splotchiness?  Oh I did? Splotchy.

I need to go back and see if I can get an experienced person to even them out.  Slightly terrified about THAT.


After that horrifying experience I went shopping.

I know, right?  You know you were all right there with me.  I bought a fabulous grey sweater.  Yes, I already own the same grey sweater in a different grey.  But it’s amazing and beautiful and so comfortable.  I looked for a different color but the other colors were all super enthusiastic.  I just wanted a lovely slightly subdued color.  I had to settle for another grey.  I’m not even really sorry. It’s a really lovely grey.


Then I got my nails done.  Now…this was really just a coincidence of timing but nevertheless I was happy to be there.  Miss Lisa, my nail girl, is beautiful and sweet and kind and just cheers me up every time I get my nails done.  The perfect way to spend the afternoon and she totally didn’t notice my lack of eyebrows until I pointed out how uneven they are and splotchy.  Good times.


On a side note:

I find bikini waxing (bikini LINE is all I do, to clarify. I bow to those who do Brazillian.  Or…I laugh at you and think you are truly insane) seriously painful.  Anyone else have that issue?  Like…really.  But I do it because I figure it’ll get less painful, I’ve only been doing it a year or so.  And I love the results so much.  So clean.  I’m clearly neurotic.


To end our post on the happiest of happy.  A little Eliot for you.  Ha.  A little Eliot.  See what I did there?

Geez I’m tired.  So.many.drugs.

So here you go.  A little Eliot. 😉 (He was helping with cake)

112 114

Wax on People.  Wax off carefully. I just can’t stress that enough.  Ha.

11 Replies to “Have you seen my eyebrows??? Anywhere??”

  1. Ugh!!! Sorry about the no brows. I would be furious. Great thing you ended the day with nails and Eliot!!! That completely changes the day to not so bad day 🙂

    1. Thanks Tess and I agree. I was pretty furious. I was trying my best to not act like a raving lunatic but man, I was hot mad.

      Just when I think I’m calm I look in the mirror and say, “what was she THINKING?” It doesn’t help. It’ll be a long few months. Geez I hope they grow back. **nightmare thought.

  2. OMG, you have wonderful eyebrows, no wonder you are upset. A slight waxing is all you need. Call that place and see if you can find out where your original gal went. good grief…

    1. Thanks! My eyebrows aren’t too bad, right? I always liked how well they did them. Man. I’m so bummed. I think when I go back today I’ll ask the desk girl. She was super nice and felt REALLY bad.

  3. Nooooooooo! Eyebrow waxing failure is THE.WORST! (I had a lady once accidentally take off half my eyebrow.. you know, the wax dripped and she didn’t see it kind of fiasco 🙂 ) If you are lucky (unlucky?) like me, they grow back super fast… But I will say, from that new picture I can’t see the splotchy… Sounds like you had a great way to handle it, new sweater and nice nails to go along with it!

    1. Oh, and PS… totally understand not wanting to stick around to see how that other wax would have turned out! 😉

      1. LOL. Right?? Avoid more wax! That was definitely my goal.

        Your experience sounds a little worse than mine… I can’t imagine the accidental drip experience.

        And no…mine don’t grow that fast. Sadly. 🙁 But thanks for saying it doesn’t look that bad! I’m hoping not. So far no one has said anything. Which either means I’m pretty nondescript to begin with OR maybe they didn’t look that great to begin with! LOL. Probably the former. I had pretty decent eyebrows. “So what body part do you really like?” Man…I have good eyebrows!”. yeah…that would be me. haha.

        1. So here’s a thought… I’ve been having puffy/red eyelids for about 3 weeks now (yes, I’m a horrible patient and just went to the doctor yesterday about this)… but today I decided to wear glasses and people noticed my eyes TODAY… so maybe you are better off just leaving the eyebrows alone 🙂 I am interested to see how your consult goes though!

          1. Good Lord. 3 weeks and you just now went to the doctor?? They’re your EYES for heavens’ sake. 🙁 I used to wear glasses, I had the CUTEST glasses and I loved them. I got my eyes fixed so I could see, no more glasses. I get a lot of comments on the no more glasses. People liked me better with glasses. I was cuter. I’m not sure what that means…;)

            I have an appt for Tuesday so I’ll let you know about the consult. I’m curious, too. I showed Miss Reggie and she yep…they’re skinny, uneven and there’s a hole in the right one. What the hell? LOL

    1. I know, right? Like…she had to work hard to take that many hairs out. Geez chick. 🙁 It’s pretty hot. I’m feelin’ it.

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