Things are always busy at my house.  Right now, it’s especially so.

The weekend I went home to see my  mom, my poor husband got sick.  He doesn’t get sick very often and when he does, he has a pretty high tolerance for pain.  So it was alarming to find he was in the emergency room while I was in Montana.

It’s okay, he’s fine. ::waves hand dismissively::

He tried to go to work but ended up back at home to recover.  Missing work for three days results in him making up time and we haven’t seen him in I can’t tell you how long.  He gets home at 9 or 10 o’clock at night and crashes to bed.  Leaves for work at 7 and starts the process again.

We miss him.  He misses us.  He can’t stand these crazy weeks.  But hopefully they cycle around and normalcy arrives again soon.

Meanwhile, I’m head cook and bottlewasher.  Okay, I already was that.  But I’m also chauffeur until Monday (big day!  MT gets his license!  He’s the only one excited about this. We’re just nervous parents).  So I end up with not a lot of running time. 

See?  I take a long time to get to the point.

Also…I have a great husband who works too hard and carries too much stress.  I feel a little bad for him so I like to tell him every once in a while that he’s awesome.

Between the 30 minutes I have at home and the snow/20* outside.  Hmmm.  I do believe it’s the treadmill again tonight at midnight. not my favorite.


****eyebrow update****

The manager called me and apologized and asked me if I would come in and have a consultation with her very top eyebrow girl.  She’s going to look and see if they can correct and even out the eyebrows and if they think they are too thin, leave them alone.  If they can, they’ll even them out.  And she said they have an eyebrow product that’s like Latisse (the eyelash product?) that grows your eyebrows really fast and they’ll give me that at no charge if we decide to go that route.  She was very nice.

Kudos for good customer service.