Carpooling by myself now.

This was a bittersweet day for Sean and I.

We  have two cars, technically.  Shaughnessy and Adam gave MT a little Tercel so he’s had this to bop around in for a few months.  But they’ve had it for a couple of weeks while their car is having some work done on it and this is flashing us back to our years of being a one car family and the hilarity that ensues when we ride together in the morning on the way to work/school.

Pretty sure I’ll never live down the day I yelled that there was a spider and I would walk home. Then I opened the car door and got out.  It was a major street….MAJOR street in Aurora.   Sean smacked it with his hand

comic book slap sign - stock vector

and hollered at me “it’s dead!  Get back in the car!”  You know he’s thinking…geez.  Really?  REALLY??

Anyway, today was it.  The last official day we would ever carpool with one of our children to school.  MT tests on Monday for his license and he’s fairly nervous about it but nevertheless he’ll be awesome.  And driving himself from then on.  Color me sad. 🙁  I love these days.  We get a lot of information passed between each other driving.  It’s good.

So we commemorated the last day with a last day photo…


Those are some cute boys right there.  And not related at all…clearly. 😉


We got a new employee a few weeks ago and she’s really young (22 I think?) and really sweet.  Today Sean and MT came in to bring me lunch and when they left she said, “how old is your son?”

I told her he is 16, 17 in January.

She was shocked.  She said she didn’t think I was old enough to have a 16 year old.  Now…I LOVE her and when I told her I have a 26 year old and a grandson she said, “you’re a grandma? I thought you had kids in elementary school!”

Pretty sure we’re BFF’s now.  Total Besties.

Sorry Friends.  You’re all tossed aside for the sweet girl who obviously can’t see.  I love her. How cute is she? Pretty freakin’.

p.s. I told her themole story and when I finished it she said, “so did the lady have a big mole on her face?”

No.  I did.  Work with me.  ha.  So funny.  I should maybe stop referring to her as the mole lady.  I can see how that would be misleading. 😉  ::shakinghead:: that story is hilarious and every time we bring it up, Ben apologizes on behalf of all the Korean people.  I always laugh and say, “whatever, don’t be ridiculous.  It’s one woman who was brutally honest”.  He just feels bad.  The culture calls for honesty apparently.  I should suck it up and get a backbone.  Don’t hold your breath though…


I have this really bad habit of never changing my clothes after work. So I wear my heels until bedtime, right?  I just came down the stairs and fell down the last two, feeling my right ankle twist as I hit the floor in my stupid heels.  Really.  I need to take better care.  It hurts a little but it’s my own fault.

I’m hoping to get a good long run in tomorrow but I may have to do it Sunday.  If I do, I’ll run at least a four or five miler tomorrow.  I need to stretch my legs.


Also…I need to buy a turkey.  Or we’ll be having cornish hens for dinner.  Geez.  How not on the ball am I this year?

Sorry for the random post.  It’s late.  I’m a little loopy.  Have a good night and I’ll talk to Ya’ll tomorrow!




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  1. My two older boys will be coming home on Tuesday from college and then we will all five get into the van and head to FL for Thanksgiving. I’m SO looking forward to the 9.5 hour drive because we will laugh and laugh all the way there. Love family car trips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (short or long=the best)

  2. Oh that sounds like SO much fun!! Ridiculous, isn’t it? The things we look forward to. I love family car trips, too.

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