Blogging what I want…with discretion.

Five miles in the 37* air at a steady perfect 10 minute mile.  Beautiful.

My leg hurt noticeably by the end of the five miles.  I figured if I ran 13 today I’d be hurting and probably walking. Yep.  My level of concern went up a bit. Foam rolling tonight and hopefully my run tomorrow will be better.


I’ve picked up that I seem to be getting a migraine nearly every time I run.  Which is sad because I’m not giving up running so…what the hell.  Tracking this for sure.


I thought I would address something I read about in another blog a few days ago.

What I like to blog about.

The girl who was writing was talking about what she posts about and how she prefers not to sensor her posts.  Her blog is  her blog and her space and she feels the need to write whatever she wants.  If you don’t like this…of course you don’t have to read it.  That’s your prerogative.  No hard feelings, just travel on and thanks for stopping by.

She’s perfectly right of course.  My blog can be boring as hell.  No one has to read it.  Sometimes I’m interesting and sometimes I’m like…so today I ran.  And yesterday I didn’t.  And here’s a picture of my cute grandson. Hello.  I know Ya’ll want to see that.  ::bigcheesygrin::   ::gratuitousphotoofgrandson::


And my goal when I started this was 95% fun and the joy of writing with maybe 5% venting.

Hey.  A girl’s gotta vent.

But I also think I have a responsibility to remember my audience (Hey now.  There’s enough of you~ I can call you an audience even if it’s small ).

~ au·di·ence:  the assembled spectators or listeners at a public event, such as a play, movie, concert, or meeting~

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I have a responsibility to NOT say just anything I want to say.  Because I would not want to be the cause of hurting someone’s feelings under the heading of “it’s my blog and I can say what I want to”.

I don’t write about politics.  I don’t write about religion beyond posting a great Bible verse, admittedly I am respectful of all religions and love the idea of studying them. I am hugely supportive of the military, ridiculously patriotic (yes, even with our current crazy government…the military isn’t to blame for this insanity)  for obvious reasons.

Though I do  want to say the person who did post about this is probably the nicest person ever and would never hurt someone’s feelings intentionally.  Accidents happen.  (I do it all the time.  I just try to be really careful.)  What if I DO say the wrong thing.  What a devastating feeling knowing my words had that effect.

My mom used to say, “never put into writing what you don’t want the whole world to read”.

Truer words were never spoken.

And let me tell you they are constantly in my head.

~Also…”take your snowboots” and “call me from Casper” but that’s for another day.~

I’m careful but I do blog about my family.  I put names on there.  I throw photos out there.   I try to make them flattering for everyone.  It’s not hard.  They’re all cute.  And I try very hard to never ever say anything negative about any of them.  This is also not hard, they are awesome and pretty positive people to live with (say that ten times fast).

Although I may say that MT is totally 16 right now *sigh* but it’s passing. He admits this and we all think he’s amazing and he knows it.  That’s not as cute.  So I figure saying that is a good balance and keeps his head from getting big…ger.

It’s important in real life, in blog world, on FB, Twitter, Instagram (good LORD how many social media’s ARE there??) to be respectful and as I say over and over…remember the Golden Rule.

Golden Rule or Ethic of Reciprocity~” One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.~Wikipedia

Don’t write what you wouldn’t want to read.

Run on People.  Run  beautiful.  🙂






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  1. I AM late with a sweet list. The migraine I got hit with after I ran was SO BAD and I had family over and so many things on my mind….
    I couldn’t focus enough to get it done. So I figured I’d do it later today. 🙂

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