Sweet List <3

It’s Monday.  So it’s technically long past time for a sweet list.  But it’s been a rough day.  I figured we can all use a little sweetness.

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1.  pizza delivered at work.  AND…turning your co workers on to a new kind of pizza.  Who knew?

2.  MT had a rough day today.  Through no fault of his own…he wasn’t even allowed to test for his license.  So why is this on the sweet list?  Because of the crazy amazing amount of love that surrounded him after his bad experience.

3.  Potluck Thanksgiving dinner at church.  Cake.  That’s what I ate and it was delicious.

4.  Running outside again.  It’s sporadic depending on the days I get home in time but yep.  It’s a good time and I love it.

5.  Creamy wild rice chicken soup in the crockpot with french bread.  Hello.  (you can keep the carrots)

6.  Spontaneity.

7.  Routine.  Perplexed?  I love spontaneity, but coming home every day to my routine is so familiar to me, it’s my favorite thing.

8.  My boys are downstairs eating pizza and watching Disney’s Robin Hood, the cartoon.  Because life is better in cartoon land.

9.  The kids came over and spent the weekend with us and we hung out with Eliotaurus Groucharexus.  Oh LORD that boy makes me laugh.

10.  I got some Christmas shopping done.  Not a LOT of Christmas shopping done…but some. Some.

11.  Shopping for babies. Man there are some cute baby things out there.  I’m a sucker for baby clothes, too.  So cute.  And twins?  ::melt:: I’m lost.  Just lost.

12.  Being organized and prepared.

13.  I love my favorite television shows coming out of hibernation.  Makes me happy.  yep yep yep.