Thanksgiving joy.

It’s a beautiful morning and my FB has blown up with Happy Thanksgiving posts and running Turkey Trot posts.  Pretty awesome joy out there.   I slept off my migraine with some joyful drugs and now just have a hangover.  That’s joyful, right? ha.

I think it’s important to remember this morning, as we read everyone’s posts and feel happiness and joy, that not everyone feels that.  Not that I’m setting out to kill all the joy but some people, more than most people realize, are not feeling all that amazing happiness.

  • There is a military separation.
  • There is a divorce situation (always hard when the kids leave one parent to go to another).
  • When family drama ensues.  Moral compasses don’t always point the same direction.  People are not going to “put aside those differences”.  We’d like them to, it’s not going to happen.   Some people are not rational as much as we’d like them to be.

News’s possible to love someone and not like them very much. And it’s okay.

  • There is not always family.  Some people are alone on this day. Maybe they like it, maybe they don’t.  Might be worth an invitation though, if you know they’re alone.  The more the merrier usually. Unless you’re family is crazy.
  • Everyday insanity. The dinner might not be perfect.  Kids will fight.  Parents will fight.  The house may be a mess. The dog will bark.  The weather may be bad.  Flights will be cancelled.  It’ll be perfect.  Don’t worry about it. It’s called life.

Just keep something in mind as you enjoy this beautiful day…it’s beautiful here in Colorado this morning (and every morning) so I can say that…sit back and enjoy the day. Realistically.

And be thankful.

I miss my son.