Black Friday came and went

And I got my nails done.

A lovely way to spend Black Friday.  (I worked, too, but I’m blocking that out)

It’s nearly midnight and I’m about to hop on the treadmill and throw out a quick mile so I don’t break my freaking streak on day two.  Yep.  I’m streaking. Did I fail to mention that?  I cannot keep up on these things.  I mentioned it on FB because I told MT I was streaking and he said,

“Twenty bucks on six days

Seriously.  Really??

Well of course, my head kicks in on day TWO.

Damn if the kid is gonna beat me at this.  My last streak lasted until December 24th you can BET I’ll last longer than day two.  So I’m hopping on for a quick mile.

More info than you needed I suppose.


I ran 5 miles yesterday in the MOST beautiful Colorado weather.  Perfect 10 minutes miles.  My leg hurt.  It hurt.  It’s moved into my achilles which we all know means it’s really still my ITband.  I’m still tootsie rolling and I have to say, it’s not any more fun with the cute name. 
I’m pretty seriously questioning my ability to run the half marathon next weekend. I haven’t registered for it, purposely holding off in case it didn’t heal.  I’m going to run tomorrow and see what happens.  There is a virtual race I found (Praise the Lord for an emergency backup that finally decided to show itself) that is available between Dec 21st and Dec 31st.  I could run that.  It’s not my favorite option and if I can pull next weeks off, I want to.  But the virtual one gives me more time to heal.


*****eyebrow update*****

I know, I know, you’re on pins and needles!!  I forgot to give you guys the update earlier.  The business that I went to that gave me the wax is European Wax. I go there all the time and they are professional, gracious and always do a great job.  This one bad experience is very unfortunate because, frankly, you just can’t do a bad job with waxing.  Hello…it’s someone’s face,  usually.  😉

The manager had me come in and see her talented eyebrow girl.  She was going to have her look at my brows and see if there was something she could do to even them out, see if they could be cleaned up, etc.  And then if they were to thin they would give me the eyebrow equivalent of “Latisse” which is the stuff for eyelashes.

When I got there, the girl was very nice.  She took me straight back and had me sit on the table like usual.  Then she said, “so what are we doing today?”.  Um…what?
I attempted to ask her if she had been briefed about my situation and she again tried to ask what I wanted done.

So I tried to explain what had happened and she interrupted to tell me yes, she was aware of what had happened.

Huh.  Well then.  That was a dumb question.  (Sorry…but…it was).

Eventually she had me lie down so she could take  a look at the brows and she quickly said, nope.  Not touching them.  And she put the stuff on them and halfway through she said, rather oddly, “I’m really sorry this happened to you“.

I got the impression she didn’t really expect them to look like this and once she really got a good look…sure enough.  They were bad.  She was nice.   I have an appointment with her in four weeks to clean them up and see what we can do.

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  1. I think she did. She left them alone and explained why. They were too thin, far too short and had a hole in them. Ha. Can’t really match that. So we’re growing them. I hope.

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