You get what you give…most of the time.

I’m a working girl.  I’m on my feet and I work in customer service.

Yep. You heard that right.  And frankly, every job I’ve ever had was in customer service.

I’ve worked at JCPenney (my first job, I was “let go” during the probation period.  Is that still fired?).

Movie Theater…cheap dates! 🙂

Video store…when videos were…VHS.  Thankyouverymuch.

Fabric store…that place was seriously busy.  Christmas in July, People.

Archivers.  That was a good little job.  Everyone was always happy.

Bank teller.  I love to count money.

Bank teller again.

Clearly, I have a career. 😉

The point is~  I can deal with people.  I like it~Introvert that I am.

A few weeks ago I was screamed at by a customer who comes in ALL the time. He was upset because I was following the rules of banking, not just my own personal banks rules.  He was HOT MAD.

The next day he came in and  he greeted me with a smile, asked about my weekend, commented on the beautiful day, and then apologized like the gentleman he is.

I’ve never been apologized to before, in all those jobs and years.  He said he had no cause to behave that way, I was just doing my job.  The man gets serious points for the apology.  I was very impressed.

After years of customer service, people are going to get mad at you.  You can handle it well, or you can give it back.  But in my experience people will usually reflect back what you give them.  hmm.  Sounds a bit like Reciprocity, doesn’t it?  Bet you’re all tired of me goin’ on about that.

Remember what you are giving people when you get upset about what’s reflected back…Holiday season or not.  

The 35 Greatest Moments Ever On "The Ellen Show"source

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The 35 Greatest Moments Ever On “The Ellen Show”


This is the forecast for the weekend.  Please note Saturday’s temperatures.  I clearly have to buy some cold weather running gear.  Mine is good but I’m not sure it’s THAT good. 

I also haven’t even decided for certain if I’m running the damn thing so I should figure that out.  I’m heavily leaning towards yes. I know, sounding a bit waffly these days, aren’t I?  Where the hell is my Magic Eight Ball when I need it.


Yep.  It’s going to be cold.

Gotta go.  It’s Cyber Monday and if I need to order something it should of all days…be today.  🙂

Run on People and enjoy the last warm day for awhile…

6 Replies to “You get what you give…most of the time.”

  1. Love that he apologized. NICE he came and told you personally!! WOW that some temperature! Brrr! Warm luck in trying to decide…….

  2. Another point to make is my branch is SO SMALL he apologized in front of about five people. You just can’t beat that for awesome. Really cool.

    Seriously cold. I think it might have warmed up a bit so it may just be 0*. I’ll have to check. Not sure it makes that much difference though… 😉

  3. I’ll think of you while bundled up in bed 🙂
    I seem to remember a 5k last winter where you thought you were gonna die in the cold….and it was close to 32 that day.

  4. It does depend, for sure, on my head. So I’ll have to hope it cooperates. And of course, I won’t be meeting my neurotically early friend there. So I won’t be standing out in the cold for an hour before the race starts. 😉

      1. Uh…you know…I’m good! I wouldn’t want to disturb your slumber. You sleep in and keep warm. 😉 But thanks for the offer!

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