If only I could see the future…

Oddly, the freezing temps don’t bother me.  Forzen

And the fact that I’ve barely run any mileage at all  for the last three weeks…not a big deal.

I need to make a few purchases, as I’m a bit underprepared for 0*.       Freezing   But other than that…I’ve registered and am ready for Saturday.

I’m a little nervous for the snow Not wild about running on snow.      Bundled      Yeah.  I’m hoping that’s figured out.  Because I suspect it’s not going to be melting off a whole lot.  This may be as interesting or more so than the race I ran during the flood.


I registered and I’m in.

Maybe a little prayer I don’t die…or injure myself in a horrible way would be in order.  😉  I can see it now.



Now I have to shop.  TJMaxx it is, I think.  Maybe a little Amazon Prime.  Thank the Lord I live in Colorado where it’s already cold and I have half of what I need.

Baby it’s cold outside.

Warm By The Fire

yes.  I love smileys.  They are just happy little guys.  Even when they’re cold.

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    1. I do not have Yak Tracks and don’t really want them. I think they would mess with me. I’ve tried them before and I didn’t feel very stable. I’ll think about it though.

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