I think it began when I started my new job so…last October.

I feel very discombobulated.  Nothing feels in order.

I’m rushing all the time.  I never feel organized.

Every day I feel like I’m trying to catch up.  And if I get a migraine…oh man.  I’m screwed.  Days behind.

A side note here to say, my migraines have definitely been worse lately.  Any factor could be at work here.  Hormones, I’m broken, I’m allergic to something new.  My meds are no longer working.  All things I need to discuss with my doctor.  The next time I visit him…


When you factor in my hypothyroidism (HT for short)  I am months behind in everything.

For someone who is notoriously organized this feeling is very disconcerting.

It’s messing with me big time. (understatement of the year)



So I decided to hire a cleaning company.

The MOMENT I decided to do it, an incredible sense of relief flooded over me.

I’ve done it a few times before, just someone to come in and give my house a good once over.  Only for an event like graduation or something.  When the whole family is coming and you JUST don’t have TIME.  It’s really less expensive then you would think and it’s SO worth it.  They vacuum, dust and scour everything and let you just get done what you need to get done.  It’s a beautiful system. 

When I called them, however, the only time they had available this week was 4:30 pm on Friday.  Huh.

That’s too weird.

My family will be home and everyone will be underfoot.

That just won’t work.

She probably thinks I bailed because I didn’t like the quote. It was actually very reasonable and completely worth it.  I suppose if I don’t get to it myself this week I’ll do it for next week.  Maybe I’ll just call and see if I can schedule it for next week.  But 4:30 on Friday?  Random.

Listen People.  The whole point of this little subject is this.  Sometimes it’s important to recognize what you need and take care of you.


Must treadmill now... (you know you’re jealous.

I’m back!!!

8 miles done and my leg is only a tad bit cranky.  I stretched and foamed a bit and will do it again tomorrow.

The forecast is exactly the same for Saturday as it was before.  I’m thrilled.

Lucy is Disappointedsource

This is what the race directors say:

All-Out Multisport ProductionsYea, the good news  is that, 1. This is Colorado so the weather could still turn out to be in the 50’s or 60’s no matter what they say today, and 2. If it is that cold, hey… at least you won’t have to worry about picking anything up from the drop zone. ;o)

No.  It’s not going to be in the 50’s or 60’s.  ::eyeroll::  Oh Jeez

But I’m feeling very ready for it.  I’m stopping tomorrow to pick up what I need and then…game on.

Last race of the thirteen.

8 Replies to “Discombobulated”

  1. Totally get that feeling too! I haven’t bit the bullet yet with a cleaning company, but I think come January that’s going to be on my to do list! But I feel like I’m similar to my grandma, need to clean before the cleaning people come ;o)

    Good luck this weekend! You are awesome 🙂

  2. Well there’s certain things you have to do before they come. Like…put things away. Straighten the house. How are they going to vacuum if the kids toys are everywhere, right? So yeah, I do “clean” before they come. I do the dishes, etc. But when they come they CLEAN. They vacuum those corners, they clean and scrub. They get it DONE. So worth it. I’m totally calling them.

  3. How cold does it have to get before they cancel? It hurt to breathe this morning….and I was only walking!

    1. I don’t think they are cancelling. They are looking at it as a challenge. And…they just don’t want to. Logistics and all. Remember the flood? They ran that race and I’m not kidding, it was torrential and the creek was flooding over. It was crazy to be on the roads.
      And yet…there I was.

  4. I’m running that one too! I hadn’t even thought about the coldness until you mentioned it. I spent all day today sniffing the air and trying to inhale hard thinking “can I run in this? I sure hope I can run in this.” It may be a walk/run effort. We’ll see.

    Regardless, there will be sparkle. Find me!

  5. I’m SHOCKED you are running in sparkle. LOL. I think I can find you. There’ll probably be five of us out there. Nobody else is that dumb to be running in this cold weather. I have quite a bit of cold weather gear but I don’t usually run that distance so I figured I’d one up it. I bought warmer leggings and a warmer jacket. Hopefully that does it. I did not buy anything that sparkles. And everything I bought is black. So there you go. 😉

    I will try to find you! What color sparkle??

  6. Blue probably. The rest of me will be that color anyway. I’m having a hard time staying motivated… I keep debating dropping to the 10k. It’s just. So. Cold.

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