#13 is here and damn it’s COLD!!!

Yep…it’s the FaLaLa Half Marathon and officially the 13th Half Marathon of the year.

I’m heading out this morning and the temps are pretty low…

It’s supposed to be -1* to start (feeling like -9*)

by the time the race ends it’ll be 7* hopefully…;)

I don’t think that sounds too bad so I’m not going to stress.  I have the proper clothes.  I’m good.


It’s midnight and I don’t have a migraine.  That’s good news so far!  I only have to make it another 7 hours.

It feels pretty anticlimactic that it’s already over.  I know I already have plans for next year but I feel like there should be something to commemorate this event somehow.  Instead I’ll run and then…come home.  Oh, I’ll probably get a hamburger.  I really do love those after I run.

I’m really rambling. It’s late and I need to go to bed.

I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully after I’ve finished the race.  Wish me luck.  Sorry I missed a post today.  Crazy busy.  I’ll update on all that later.



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