Ah…the irony of the DNF post.

I was already going to post about a DNF race.  I had it written and in the queue.  And then…

I did it.

Of course, it’s not my first.  Hence the reason I’m so willing to write about it.

I really really REALLY wanted to run it.

It was cold but I was so prepared I wasn’t cold at all.  I had all the clothes ready, my morning went well and I kissed Sean and headed out.  Michelle texted me several times for encouragement (as did a few of my other awesome friends!) and I was so excited to have my last race done.

Here’s where we insert the glitch.  When I got to where the race was…I couldn’t find itNo one could…that was apparent.  It was at a complex (a school or something?) so there was multiple parking lots and an incredible sidewalk system that takes you down and around to this athletic field below.  There were no signs.  No directions. Nothing that I could see or anyone else.  A lot of people looking lost.  By the time we all parked, wandered, asked questions and walked two football fields at least…we walked up as they were lining up the half marathon pe0ple to start. It was 8:56.

I have never started a race so frantically.  She throws me my swag bag and I explain that I can’t take it.  I have to run.  She told me to just carry it.  Uh…no, that’s ok.  She said there wasn’t room for them to hold it there.  What…too much space in the great outdoors?  😉
I told her to just keep it.  I don’t need it (I was nice). She said she would let me pick it up afterwards.  I think she felt bad.
Pinned on my bib, missed. One side fell off, the pin dangling. I’m wearing mittens.  My earbuds won’t stay in.  My Garmin needs to be started. I can hear the instructions now,

“for obvious reasons, we HAD volunteers.  The trail is well marked….we SWEAR there’s paint under the snow”.

We start running, and that’s when it dawns on me.  Holy crap my feet.

Oh man do they hurt.  They hurt BAD.  I’m on mile .25.  I do not do well with cold feet.

Side note about Hypothyroidism that is incredibly unfriendly:

Your extremities tend to have poor circulation, so they get cold and stay cold.  Sean says I have the coldest feet in the world.  Fingers, too and just in time for Christmas…my red nose. It’s SO attractive.  😉  But right now, my biggest worry is my feet which are seriously hurting/mostly numb if that makes sense.

I bailed.

I called Sean and he said get the heck out of Dodge that sounds crazy.  So I did.

Attempted to get my race shirt and decided I didn’t care, it hurt so much.

The race started at 9, I got to my car about 9:30, I sat there with the heat on my feet for a good 15 or 20 minutes and finally just headed home, still no feeling.  On the way home they started hurting like they were warming up.  It’s almost 1pm.  My feet still hurt.  Socks, slippers, blanket.

I know Miss Kat was supposed to run the half today and she considered going down to the 10k.  I looked for the blue sparkle but I got there so late I couldn’t find it and I looked in the 10k people but by that time I was trying to preserve my toes.

I hope she pops in for an update.  Pretty sure I’ll never get to meet her in person. 🙁


6 Replies to “Ah…the irony of the DNF post.”

  1. I am bummed I didn’t get to text you any of what my signs would’ve said. I’ll save those for next time. 😉
    Your toes deserve a DNF. No need to lose some toes over a race!

  2. Montana always says what a hardcore runner I am and this morning I did not feel that hardcore. I was so disappointed. I’ve run in -5* before and it wasn’t bad, I think it was the walking and waiting before the race. Too long without moving the toes. 🙁

    And I’m TOTALLY bummed I didn’t get to see the texts. I can’t wait to see them next time!

  3. Having toes = much more important than a race! I’m sorry you had a DNF though 🙁 Are you going to attempt one more before dec 31?

    1. I am. Unfortunately Colorado is done. This was it’s last day for any half marathons. I did find a good virtual half I can do so if I don’t want to travel to another state, that one is the plan. I absolutely will be running thirteen.

      And thanks, Friend 🙂

  4. Oh Tess I’m so sorry to hear this!! It was a really nasty cold day. I ended doing the 10k and my thighs were painfully cold the whole time…feet and hands were sweating, quads frozen. Go figure.

    I looked for you at the start of the half and considered just yelling “go Tess go!!” Until someone responded, but I missed the start while I ran back to my car to drop my bag. Why in the world didn’t they have a bag check???

    The parking sitch was bizarre.

    We’ll keep trying to meet up! I even brought an extra skirt with me this weekend, just in case I found you. 😀

    When’s the next CO race?

    1. You would have found me clear at the end…trying to pin my bib on and run at the same time. ha It was quite a sight.
      I’m so proud of you for doing the 10k! It was so cold! My HT feet couldn’t handle it and I admit it. I have a friend who ran the next day and she duct taped her shoes. Maybe that would have helped? I don’t know. I just couldn’t think of anything else I could have done but buy new shoes. So not happening.
      Lack of bag check…yeah. That’s a glitch.
      I couldn’t believe the parking. There were like…15 of us wandering and lost. It took over 20 minutes to find the start. None of us had a clue. Not a single sign!! How crazy is that? How hard is a sign that says the start is this way? (though I wasn’t happy with the start being a half mile away).
      I’m really glad you had a good time and finished great. 🙂

      I have to look up the next race…there’s a lot coming up. Lots of new years stuff….

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