Today is a new day.

I spoke yesterday about my DNF and really said quite a bit, but since I already had my post written I thought I’d leave most of it so I could make the points I felt as a runner needed to be made.

I’ve had a DNF before.  Back in 2007 before.  ~I think it was 2007~ My second marathon I injured myself and had to pull out at mile 19.  I was prepared for it, it was an injury that had shown up a few weeks before.  I knew it was there, I went into the marathon thinking I would go as far as I could and if i finished, great.  If not…I gave it as much as I could.  I was pretty sad I made it so far but I’m the anomaly as far as races go.

There are SO MANY races. Seriously.  I have a million races on the calendar in my head.  I could totally pull out a calendar and plan another one tomorrow.  I could look at Sean and say, “wanna go here??” and he’d say….yep!   (Okay…probably not because he’s a little like Eeyore and doesn’t get that excited about things.  But he’d totally agree.  Just without the exclamation point.)  This doesn’t mean I’m not emotionally attached to my training.  It means I’m realistic. What is the point in running when I’m injured? So I can say I finished that sucker but damaged my leg beyond repair??

Not worth it.

I would rather run forever than just today.

I don’t know anyone else of all my running friends that would make that same choice.  Most of them are pretty hardcore and would power through ~damn the consequences.

I’ve been running a long time.  Most of my life.  I can’t imagine not and I just won’t take the chance something I would do might hurt that ability.  It would have to be a real injury, but yes.  I would choose to DNF before I would power through with the pain.

That being said~yesterday was a beautiful day for running.  Clear skies to start the day with a lovely light snowfallMy favorite way to run in the winter.  Really, my favorite.  I was completely unprepared for my feet to be so cold.  When I got home I stalked the race and loved all the photos and definitely missed participating.

It’s the same with books. It took me years to be comfortable enough to say life is short…I don’t have time to read a book I’m not enjoying.  There are too many books!  It’s okay to close a book and walk away from it its it’s not doing it for me.  I love that and have exercised that several times.  So freeing.

I’m beating around the bush to say:

Never be ashamed of any decision you know is best for you.  You have to always take care of YOU.

Today is a new day.

Today…treadmill running.


Sean went home to MT for a few days.  He felt like he needed to see his grandma, he hasn’t seen her in a long time and was overdue for it.  I miss him already.  Love to you, Baby.  Be safe.  It’s bitter cold there (-19* last I checked) and terrible icy roads.

MT is sick with nausea and body aches.  I’m hoping to keep flu and pneumonia at bay.  Poor guy.  Smiley's really sick

Run on and run warm.  Keep all your toes.

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  1. You are so right!! There are more than a million things that are right for somebody….those things are just waiting for them to realize what their doing right now isn’t working and to find the right thing. God wouldn’t have put all those things out there if one was right for us all.It take a strong person to stop doing what isn’t working and shift to what makes them strong, happy and accomplished without loosing extremities HAHA!!!!

  2. Thanks Miss Tess! And yes, I was seriously thinking about my toes! They hurt so bad. I think some people are capable of making these decisions and being confident in them and some people won’t give up no matter what. I will live with toes to run another day… 🙂

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