That’s it…one store too many….she’s snapped.

I figured out today I have six packages to mail. Every year is throws me.  I don’t know why. Since Sean is in MT I called him and implored (implored…hm…he’s pretty great.  I just asked him) and he picked up a few gifts while he was already in MT.  So I’m actually down to six.  The crazy thing is one of them is headed to MT so if I was more organized this year…yep.  Could have gone with me three weeks ago or with Sean on Saturday.  I cannot continue to be this “off”.

I am feeling a little more in control.  Baby steps.  My lists are insane but totally carrying me through.  I powered through about 20 (not joking) items today.  Transferring three items to tomorrow’s list.


My imagination goes crazy and I want to do EVERYTHING for the holidays. I have to narrow it down to just the best things. I think I’ll start with putting up the stinkin’ tree.  **side note** I actually need some assistance for this as I can’t move a particular piece of furniture by myself and my darling son and I barely see each other.  My goal is TOMORROW.  TOMORROW.  See what I did there?  If I capitalize it and make it REALLY BIG it’ll come true.



I’m going to try and put a few miles in first thing in the morning to try and jump start my day.  I always feel so much better and I haven’t done that in a long time.  With Sean gone I don’t sleep well.  I’m awake at like…4am.  So I figure I may as well get up and run.  Let’s see what happens!



Have a baby picture.  Because…he’s pretty.  (it’s a whole year old..I have GOT to take more photos)


Run today.  But also…be kind to people.  And not just because it’s the holidays.  Be generous of spirit.