Beware, slightly unkind sarcasm ahead.

Not much, just enough to get me through the post office experience.

Hey Guys!  Betcha thought I died or somethin’.  But no. I’m still here.   Just haven’t had two minutes to sit down and type!  Sadness.  I’ve missed it so much!

On Wednesday I headed over to the post office to mail my bajillion   six packages.  None of them were to Alexander so I was okay to just use the machine.  If you are unfamiliar with this box of electronic wonder it is an automated post office.  Genius.

I purposely go to the post office past their hours so I don’t have to wait in lines and I don’t have to talk to the post office people.  For the record, I’m not saying all postal employees are obnoxious but this place…wow.  Just wow.

*side note:  I was actually mailing packages last year when a customer got angry at the manager/supervisor and called him a name.  The manager then yelled BACK at him as the guy was walking out the front door (in front of like…40 people) that he was an *insertbadwordhere*.  Charming, huh?  I would TOTALLY keep my job if that happened.  Not.

They had just closed (people were still inside) and there was a gentleman next to me preparing his box with a pre made label.

Now, I can do that machine in my sleep.  Seriously, I flip through those buttons so fast I barely have to look.  So I toss a package on it and start the process.  As I’m working my way through my second box, the guy next to me (HUGE BOX) *foreshadowing* goes to the door (closed and locked…with the hours CLEARLY posted on it) and started shaking it to get in.

I said, “I think they’re closed”.  In my head I’m thinking…Dude.  They’re closed.  Door…locked.

He says, “oh. They are?” ::lookinginwindow:: ::shakesdooragain::  Cuz…that’ll open it.  They suddenly won’t be closed anymore.

Then he gets inspired.  He sees the dropoff for the machines and decides he can just put it in there.  Rolls it down, attempts it three different ways and finally figures out if he SHOVES it THIS way and SMASHES it THAT way and gives it one last PUSH… it’ll roll.

Annnnnndddddd…it’s stuck.  He has now jammed the drop off.  Awesome.  You’re the reason children think parents are idiots.

He pulls and pulls and PULLS it in an effort to get it unstuck and finally…shrugs and walks out.

Um…I’m on package three and I have nowhere to put my boxes when I’m done.  You can IMAGINE how happy I was about this.

I see a woman at the door trying to exit and when she finally gets the door open I say,

“oh, wait, can I just…”

“NO!” she says.  And flips around slapping the door shut behind her.  “They told me not to let anyone in!”

“I didn’t want in.  I just want to tell them this is…” and that’s all I got out.

She holds her hand up as she storms out the front door…like….screw you Lady.  Not my problem.

Oh man.  The Christmas joy is overwhelming me right now.

Then I hear someone inside by the dropbox and he’s apparently trying to get my attention.

“Are you trying to put a box in?”

So I holler back that someone before me had jammed the dropbox and I was, yes, trying to drop off my boxes.

All of this, I might add, is shouted through the dropbox because God forbid they open the door and have a conversation with me. I might SNEAK IN with my postal emergency.  I feel like an idiot shouting through  this box.

He let’s me know  it’s cleared, and I put my boxes in and thank him.

Christmas spirit sufficiently gone.  People suck.  (I absolutely NEVER think like this so it was especially disheartening that I caved.  Probably just overwhelmed).


As I walked out, in came a Hispanic family with an envelope.  I told them the post office was closed and even though they didn’t speak English, imagine that, they were able to figure it out without any door banging or screwed up foreheads of confusion.

So I told them to use the machines…which they didn’t know how to use.  But I did.  So I helped them, gave them a stamp (he only had one) and we successfully got the letter (which looked important) mailed.

They were SO NICE and grateful. 

Christmas spirit back. 

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Thanks God.  Saving the day again. kind and generous of spirit.  You’ll feel better for it.

Also…Michelle is trying to talk me into California.  DAMMIT. I think I owe her an email. 🙁

Sorry Michelle!