Holiday prayers.

We’ve had another shooting here in Colorado.  We’re so sad here.

A little girl is fighting for her life.  She headed off to school with her teenage friends and now she may not live through the day.
A mom has lost her son at his own hand. And truth be told, she won’t get to grieve the way most people who lose their child do.  She’ll be dealing with the stigma of being “the shooter’s mom”.

A school full of students have to learn to process going to school with feeling safe again.

I think some prayers and thoughts would be in order, if you’re so inclined.  Here in Colorado, we’d so appreciate it.  We’re having a rough week.


I have found another race as a possibility.  I know, could this process BE any longer??  But I can’t choose anywhere East…it’s all under winter storm warnings.  South had the ice storms so I don’t want to assume they’ll suddenly be clear.  North is MT.  Hello…they are always cold.  And that leaves West.  The races are surprisingly limited.  I’ve found  few and I’m working on it but a lot of them are sold out.  I’ll update if I find something or if I decide to stay here and get new floors. LOL


I’m off today to meet Miss Andrea and Christmas shop, catch up and eat a fabulous lunch.

I plan on running later because I couldn’t gather my thoughts enough to run this morning. I was dressed and ready to run this morning and I got caught up in the kitchen cleaning.

Seriously.  My house.  I have no words.