Holiday Run!!

It’s Monday and things WERE looking up until I realized my blog wasn’t posting my updates. 🙁

I have found a run and it’s going to be AWESOME!!

For reasons I can’t go into right now… I can’t say where.

But I have plane tickets and a plan and that’s much farther than I’ve been before today.

The race is at the end of the year.  That’s all I can say but I’ll update as I can.


Also, I finally couldn’t stand it and scoured my own house.  Normally I love to clean, it’s one of my favorite things. This time though, I just felt far too busy for it.  I’m feeling more in control now that corners have been vacuumed and bathrooms have been de-disgusted.  And the tree is up.  Praise God.

MUCH less decorating this year, sad day.  But it’s still beautiful.  I’m already planning ahead for next year.

I’m writing my list and I have a gift already in the gift drawer for next year.

Points for being ahead.


SO sorry for the blog glitch. How unfriendly was THAT?


On another note…

The parents of the shooter at Arapahoe High School released a statement today expressing their support for Claire Davis, the girl that was shot by their own son, their grief at the loss of their son, and asked for privacy as they process this  tragedy in it’s entirety.

The comments that followed were so kind and respectful.  At this incredibly difficult time it was refreshing to see that we as a community could recognize that grief can in fact, be found everywhere.  That these parents are also suffering.  The ability to respect everyone involved, understanding these parents lost a child and these parents can feel the grief Claire Davis’ parents are feeling.






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    1. I couldn’t get them in my schedule…so frustrating. I haven’t given up for next time but at least it’s on my radar now!

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