It’s around the corner…

Christmas I mean.

Or did I mean my mailing deadline?

Or maybe I meant the last chance I have to bake before the holiday?

Eliot’s birthday…that must be it…

Hmm…my last race?

What are you talking about?  I’m not stressed.

I’m perfectly fine.

smoke (758) Animated Gif on Giphy

Okay…maybe I’m a little stressed.  HA!

Today did not go well.  After maintaining a perfect two days of finishing everything on my list AND working out (hey people…don’t laugh.  Two days is a big deal.  Two days is almost three.  At three you’ve got a streak…whatever it works in my head) I was full prepared to go to yoga tonight for a great cross training workout and to give my leg a much needed stretch.  Instead I got an ill needed rest day.

Class was a 7:30.  Who misses a class at 7:30?  Apparently I do.

I can’t tell you how many things went wrong with this day.  Really. So many things.

To include the very worst.

Letting down my kid.

I can’t stand that and that’s the one I have to wear.

Today Sucks

I’m going to try again tomorrow with a new plan and hope I can get something done besides working three hours of overtime and falling asleep at the counter.

I think I handle stress as well as the next person.  But I handle all emotions with tears.  Anger, happiness, sadness, you name it. So when stress hits, I cry as I’m telling the tale.  I don’t usually feel better.  Instead I feel like I’m whining and not doing as good of a job as everyone else does.  But by then, the damage is done.  Note:  I do have triggers.  If someone is particularly mean to me or hurts my feelings…or if I feel like I’ve done something really poorly, I’m out right then.  No waiting until later to share.  Today…today was all about a lack of decompression time and lots of things that just didn’t fit in with the schedule.  AND I didn’t get cake.  So wrong.


Remember that whole “I don’t love questions at the end of posts” thing? About that…I actually have a few sometimes so you have to humor me and answer them…I mean, if you’re reading.

Any new goal ideas out there for the new year?

Love or hate resolutions? 

If you love them…do you follow through?

4 Replies to “It’s around the corner…”

  1. I don’t like the “resolution” idea because I think it does a number on people once they can’t maintain their resolution and sends them to the opposite extreme. I do like the new year to start looking at life in NEW ways. Change some things that don’t work and find things that have been positive and recognize them. I hope you get cake today 😉

    1. Soooo sorry you had a bad day. Maybe don’t put so many demands on yourself. Life is short. As for resolutions, mine is to have a life in the new year. All we really do is go to work, go home, go to church (usually), go home. We don’t see friends or do fun things. Again, life is short so my resolution is to actually have a life outside of work and TV. So we will see how that works out.

      1. Miss Jan (who I secretly know to be mom)…I totally know I put too many demands on myself. That right there is a blog post. Good catch.

        I like your resolution. A life! I am going to be watching that one closely to see what you do… I want the updates.

    2. Tess…I agree. I don’t ever do resolutions. But I work on things with myself to see if I can improve. If I can’t, I don’t beat myself up. I’m freakin’ busy and I have issues (Good Lord we all know I have issues!). I like your “Change some things that don’t work and find things that have been positive and recognize them.” That sounds like it’s right up my alley.

      I’m so having cake. If I have to walk. Thanks!

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