Hey now. I’m rockin’ it. yeah.

So I had to pick up my car yesterday evening AND I had to get in somewhere between 6 and 8 miles.  So I combined errands and I ran to the car dealership. For the win.  (yay me!)  It was about 35* degrees and seriously windy … and the weather channel people lied when they said it was wind coming from the North East.  No…felt definitely from the West.  Pretty much the whole way.

I headed out about 4pm so it was still light and leaning towards the sun setting.

Mom…I was definitely well guarded, Sean knew where I was, I had my phone in my hand, my blinky on my arm flashing it’s little heart out and oh my stars…the traffic was insane.

It was rush hour so I must have passed HUNDREDS of cars sitting in traffic.  Since I’m a mom, I can actually read minds and these people were unilaterally thinking how insane I was to be out in the cold and the wind running.  I however, was thinking…huh…and yet I’m the only one moving.  Ya’ll are at a dead stop.  Go figure.

It was a great run and a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

I read a blog today, one of my favorites but he’s had a few posts lately that just bum me out.  His wack opinions about things that I really love.  Of course, I don’t have to agree with him, right?

Still…today he posted a hateful little blog post about how AWFUL the movie Love Actually is.

Now…that’s just not even funny.  I love that movie.  Like…top five.  I love it.  It’s so happy.  And I don’t love every minute of it but you could totally skip to the end for the airport scene and it’s worth it.

Man, he tore it apart and then linked a Jezebel article which SERIOUSLY sucked all the joy and life out of it with hate and ugliness.  It was awful.  I’m not linking it because it’s so bad.  If you want it, mention it in the comments, I’ll shoot it to you.

I understand the importance of women’s rights and equality, recognizing the ignorant treatment of women in the workplace and in the media.  But I do sometimes wonder, am I really this stupid?  Am I really this backwards that I didn’t recognize an entire movie treated women poorly?  Sometimes, women treat themselves poorly and guess what, movies are made about women doing stupid things.  Sometimes the same can be said about men. (That movie is The Hangover.)

This year’s drama is “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.  Otherwise known as the date rape Christmas song.

Or if you’re me…you can hear it being sung in a different tone, a different circumstance and there’s nothing inappropriate, it’s just two people who know they should be ending the evening but they really really don’t want to.  And yep…they know they’re going to be sorry.  I mean, hello, the song is from 1949.  It’s a lovely tune and you have to read it correctly.  The tone I mean.  It’s always been a favorite song of mine.  Have I really been reading it wrong this whole time?  Or have we become a paranoid crazed society that calls “racist”~ “sexist”~ or “homephobe” everytime someone doesn’t like the wording of something.

I could be alone here, always open to other opinions, but I get really sad when people start tearing apart the happy things we have under the pretenses.  What, is it too happy for you?  Don’t watch it.

*on that note…there is plenty out there that IS racist, sexist and homophobic.  I do NOT deny this.  Just defending my favorites there.

Sport Motivational Quotes | Keep motivated | FSHN Forward

I know you’re thinking…random motivation.  But I’m thinking…Geez this is so not my friend Val.  This girl looks great after a half marathon or a marathon.  I don’t know how she does it.  She’s my hot friend Val.  *sigh*  In my next life.  LOL  This is for you Val….

Run hard no matter what your other tasks.  Get the job done.  You’ll feel better for it.

6 Replies to “Hey now. I’m rockin’ it. yeah.”

  1. Well, sometimes I am not sure what you are talking about…but I always agree with you anyway, yaaaa Teresa. Love you, have a great day!

  2. I agree about all of it. Its not a creepy song its sweet.I think so many people are looking for something to be angry about. And seriously, no is still a valid response to any romantic enticement.

    1. It’s tough to find a good Christmas song I really like. I was a little bummed on this one’s history and I think it’ll always be a little off for me now. But I still like it.

  3. Everytime I hear that song I have to turn it up and sing! I love it! And, Val, she needs to share her secret 🙂

    1. Me, too! I love that song. I think it’s 50/50. Some people love it, some people … do not. haha.

      Val will never share dammit. Except for waterproof mascara before the race. That’s it. That’s going to make me as hot as Val. hahahhahha.

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