Final days…the car commercial just said so.

Hey.  It’s 2am.  What do you want from me??  🙂  Burpees for the winAnd a plank.

I am ToTaLLy thinking of a Christmas song out of that.  An annoying one but hey…it’s 2am.

I spent today finishing my Christmas shopping!  I sorted and counted and wrapped.  I tweaked (but not twerked) and got last minute gifts sent up to my friends at my work and I’m feeling much better about my holiday.

And then I lost Shaughnessy’s gift. 

Seriously. What the hell?

Totally gone.  I’ve over-organized myself.  I stuck it somewhere and no idea where.

The kids are here at the house and Shaughnessy has been quizzing me endlessly about how she can possibly help with the finding of said gift.  Uh huh.  Nope.  Sorry Charlie.

Also…the rule is, if you hunt and find your gift before the holiday…I’ll donate it to charity.

Do not test this rule.

Yep.  I’m mean.

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We are baking tomorrow.  And getting our nails done.  Because we can.  🙂  And it’s time again for pretty nails. 


But first…I run.


2 Replies to “Final days…the car commercial just said so.”

  1. I like that rule. The rule I had growing up was that if you see it you don’t get it… but I like the donation idea for the future! 🙂

  2. Yeah…it’s always been the rule. They have always not loved it. LOL. And if they broke it they were excellent at keeping it a secret!

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